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How much time needed at Universal Studios Hollywood?


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  • How much time needed at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    It's been a number of years since I visited Universal Studios Hollywood, and I'm wondering how much time I really need to see it if I go on a Thursday (September 27 to be exact). To be honest, all I really care about seeing is the Transformers ride, but I'd still like time to walk around. I was at the Orlando park in 2008, so I've been on several of the rides at the Hollywood park, and for reference purposes, I saw both Islands of Adventure and the Studios park in one day . . . I'm efficient.

    This matters in terms of whether I book a super early flight to California, or whether I can book a flight that would get me in to Santa Ana around 1:30 (Universal Studios is open until 6 that day). Thanks for any advice!

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    Re: How much time needed at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    You can do the park in a day. There are only about five "rides" and several "shows". You likely will be able to slot in all the rides around whichever of the shows you want to see. Efficiency helps - planning around the show schedules is a must if you want to do all the shows AND the tour (45+ minutes on the tram, time varies up to a personal longest of about 90 minutes for the "full tour" where nothing was blocked for filming/construction), but you shouldn't have any trouble.
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      Re: How much time needed at Universal Studios Hollywood?

      I'd advise to book an early flight, if only because I'd cringe at the thought of spending 80 dollars for three hours in a theme park.

      You will be treated with zero lines (I can personally tell you Transformers will be a walk-on almost the entire day), however as said above there are several shows. If you only care about the rides, you can knock out Simpsons, Mummy, Jurassic and TF in about an hour flat. (and that's only due to the 15-minute round trip of escalators traveling to both lots) The Studio Tour is about an hour, so that puts our total at two now.

      There are five shows, two of which run almost every half-hour. I'd recommend Terminator 2: 3D, if only because it most likely won't be around much longer in the USH park. Shrek 4D... well you've been to Florida so I'd say leave it. (same with Animal Actors, which is cute but identical to USF)

      Waterworld and Special Effects Stages are of course not found in USF, which you may want to see. Scheduling around these, you should be able to see all three in about two to three hours. And of course there's a few sights to see, not much since the park is very small, and it'll be decked out for HHN.

      Citywalk is open way past the six o'clock closing time, where I recommend to eat after exploring the park.

      Overall, you should definitely head there about noon so you have five to six hours to be safe. That should be more than enough time to do everything there is.


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        Re: How much time needed at Universal Studios Hollywood?

        I agree with the earlier flight.

        The later flight, while it lands 4 1/2 hours prior to Universal closing could be delayed. You also have to factor in traffic. It could take 2+ hours to get from SNA to Universal Studios leaving you even less time.

        Book the earlier flight, enjoy the full day at Universal.