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First Universal trip - I need help!


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  • First Universal trip - I need help!

    This is the first time my parents have been since 1985, and the first time I've been, ever.
    We are Disney freaks and for our third Disneyland trip we'd like to explore the Anaheim/Hollywood area more and Universal happens to be a stop for us.
    So what I'm interested in knowing is: how many days should we spend there? What's to see? Does it work like Disneyland with the different lands? What are the best rides? Is there some kind of a fast pass? Help!!

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    Re: First Universal trip - I need help!

    Well congrats! I wish I could help you, but alas, my knowledge is for Universal Studios Orlando.
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      Re: First Universal trip - I need help!

      Originally posted by beckramenoodles View Post

      So what I'm interested in knowing is: how many days should we spend there?

      Universal Studios Hollywood is typically a one day park, meaning you can potentially see everything there is to see in one day, but I personally prefer two days. With two days, you can move at a slower, more lesurely pace and just relax and still have plenty of time to do everything you want to do.

      I personally would not go for more than two days.

      But right now, they're offering two days for the price of one, so that's a great deal and I would get that if I were you.

      What's to see?
      This will give you a list of attractions, park hours, park map, etc.

      Buy a Day, Get a 2nd Day Free | Universal Studios Hollywood

      Does it work like Disneyland with the different lands? What are the best rides? Is there some kind of a fast pass? Help!!

      Sort of. Their "fast pass" system cost extra and only works one time per ride. Otherwise, you can pay WAY more (for the VIP pass) and have unlimited front of the line passes.

      There is an upper lot and a lower lot with different areas, but I don't know if they're really considered "lands." But yeah, I would say it's similar to Disney in terms of quality, though theres not as much stuff to do.

      But all in all, Universal Studios is a great park with some neat stuff to do and will fill up two days nicely. Hope you have fun!


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        Re: First Universal trip - I need help!

        Thank you so much! Very informative.


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          Re: First Universal trip - I need help!

          You are very welcome. Since I go to Universal more than Disney (it's closer and cheaper). I find the park much more enjoyable all the way around. Sometimes I go and only do the Studio Tour then catch a movie or the other way around. Even if the weather isnt good they offer free yes FREE hot chocolate and movies inside the Globe Theater. Plus I've ridden Jurrasic Park in the rain with my best friend one December and it was my most memerable and favorite ride ever.


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            Re: First Universal trip - I need help!

            I'd buy the front of the lime pass and you'll be able to do it in one day about 2-3 times lol It's really small compared to other parks.



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              Re: First Universal trip - I need help!

              If you want to save money in the park they have the buy a day get 2013
              offer than you can just ask for at the front. 10-15 percent in the park and u to 20 percent at city walk


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                Re: First Universal trip - I need help!

                The best rides are all of them, since there's really only five:
                -The Simpsons Ride (a motion simulator)
                -Revenge of the Mummy (high-speed indoor roller coaster)
                -Jurassic Park (elaborate boat ride with splashdown)
                -Transformers (think Indiana Jones crossed with Star Tours)
                -Studio Tour (tram tour, takes you into the backlot and thru experiences such as King Kong 360)

                Three shows: Waterworld (water stunt show), Special Effects Stages (special fx demonstration), Universal's Animal Actors (film animals and their trainers)

                If your trip is in 2013, then one attraction, Terminator 2: 3D will have closed for good along with a portion of the park. (the water play area Coke Soak is also being demolished) However the park's other 3D theater attraction, Shrek 4D, is still open. In addition, there's a couple play areas for kids, a year-round haunt maze as well as a smallish museum exhibit featuring props and set pieces.

                That's pretty much it for USH, and as you can infer it's an absurdly small theme park compared other ones in SoCal. The cost is validated by two things:

                1. The quality of the attractions, which is top-notch, rivaling Disney at many points
                2. The Studio Tour, which is a good hour in length

                USH is split up into two main sections, an "upper lot" which is a fairly large section on the same level as the main entrance. It features all of the shows, midway games and themed areas as well as The Simpsons Ride and the entrance to the Studio Tour. Then there's the much tinier "lower lot", accessible by an eight-minute-long escalator ride down to the bottom of the hill. It sits adjacent to the studio backlot and has the main three thrill rides (Jurassic, Transformers, Mummy) along with a couple shops/eateries.

                Whether or not to go two days depends on timing. Unlike Disney, there's still such a thing called "non-peak" at Universal. Days where every attraction manages a walk-on from open to close and shows barely fill half the theaters. On days like that (only weekdays, however), it's open for eight hours which is more than enough time to do almost everything. If not, I'd recommend a front-of-the-line pass. It allows you quick-access to every attraction, even just once. Only go two days if you must. The fact that it's free is great, but it's not needed if you want to save time. There are no parades and no nightly spectacles, so almost everything is at constant rotation at all times of the day. (however the studio tour closes about ninety minutes prior to park closing)

                There's only three shows to schedule around (I'd recommend all of them), which won't be hard if you're there on a slow-ish day. The elimination of Terminator will help sweeten alotted time (although it'll hurt capacity on the other rides I'm sure), and if you had to miss something it should be Shrek. (which should, and possibly will, be next on the chopping block) Unless you're a die-hard fan of the films, you won't miss anything really special. The front-of-the-line pass also guarantees you priority access to shows as well, which is a great perk.

                Just outside the park is CityWalk, which is always open at least a couple hours after park closing. It's an eccentric and eclectic shopping mall, and worth a look. Fantastic restaurants as well, which all cream the offerings found in the park.

                Hope this helps!


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