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Full day vs. just HHN ticket?


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  • Full day vs. just HHN ticket?

    Hey all!

    My husband and I have never been to Universal Studios.

    I'm a huge Walking Dead fan, so I wanted to make a trip in Oct. just to see the maze they have set up for HHN. My husband, on the other hand, absolutely hates haunted mazes and things of that nature, so he is being beyond a good sport and going along with the plan just so I can see it.

    With that in mind, since we'll probably just hit up that single maze and maybe the terror tram, would be a better use of our money to just buy the individual tickets for HHN and hit up all the other rides at night? If not, we were planning on buying the day admission + HHN ticket for $110 each.

    If we can just buy the HHN night ticket and do my maze and the other rides it would save us quite a bit of cash, though. I'd hate to buy the day admission, see everything and then spend the extra $80 just for the single maze at night.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Re: Full day vs. just HHN ticket?

    Hmm, I'd say beware that only select other attractions are available during the haunt hours. Those being: Simpson's, Jurassic, The Mummy, Transformers, and the special to Halloween show Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Although, those are the big rides that you'd have wanted to hit during the day, so your not missing a lot by not going during the day. You would be missing: The Studio tour, Waterworld, Terminator, and other shows. In my opinion, just going to the Halloween event is just fine, maybe you guys might even warm up to going through more of those exciting mazes x)


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      Re: Full day vs. just HHN ticket?

      This is totally possible! And this is how you do it...

      For the first hour, the lower lot has very, VERY small waits. Get there EARLY (like 5:30 - 6:30) and right when the rope drops, run to the lower lot.

      Down there, hit Transformers first -- if you do not get there when the park first opens and you don't do this first, after the first hour, the line can go up to 2 hours and you might as well forget it.
      Then do the Mummy and then Jurassic Park.
      JP will be a walk on for the first 2 hours and the Mummy will be about 10 minutes at the most and will climb up to a 40 minute wait later in the night.
      However, I HIGHLY recommend also doing the two mazes down there, Silent Hill and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. For the first hour, they will be merely FIVE MINUTE waits.
      If he likes the mazes, you're in luck because the event is still just starting and it's very possible for you to do the rest of them. If he hates them, well, at least he didn't wait long for those.
      After you're done with the lower lot, you can go back up the escalators and hit the Simpsons. The line usually starts off with a 20 - 30 minute wait and goes up to maybe an hour later in the night. (However, if your husband turns out to enjoy the mazes, I suggest to skip this and go straight to the next step because this attraction eats up a lot of time).
      If you skipped Simpsons, it should be 8 - 8:30. If you did the Simpsons, it'll be about 9:15ish (that is if you followed the directions precisely!) Either way, you still have a lot of time left, right? Now it's time for the Walking Dead Terror Tram. The line for this isn't too bad and it usually moves at a decent pace. The actual trail itself takes some time too. So depending on that, by the time you get out, it'll be maybe 10 - 10:30.
      With all the rides done and the Terror Tram finished, that leaves one more thing: the maze.
      At this time, it should be about a 40 - 70 minute wait, maybe even less if you're lucky. Go ahead and get that done with.
      You'll notice there's still 2 hours or so left in the night. If you're gonna do mazes, I recommend La Llorona, as that one is amazing. Universal Monster Remix has a line of less than 10 minutes after midnight, so if you plan to do that, wait until that time. Alice Cooper's maze gets the longest lines.
      BUT I highly suggest you see the Bill & Ted show if you have time as it's HILARIOUS. It's a 50 minute show so plan accordingly and save it toward the end of the night. Sometimes its not just something you can walk into either, as the show can fill up before it starts and they won't let you in, so I suggest getting there at the very least, 15 minutes early.

      If you don't go during the day, here's what you're missing: Studio Tour (which some say is worth the price of admission in itself -- an hour tour of the backlot to see where movies are made), Waterworld (an amazing stunt show with lots of pyro), Terminator 2:3D (3D/stunt show hybrid), Shrek 4D (you can actually watch this on Netflix/Youtube, sans the 3D), Special Effects Stage (which speaks for itself) and a few other things.

      If you can live without those things, then I recommend just getting the general HHN ticket but ONLY if you can get there EARLY. If you end up getting there at say, 8 PM, then forget it and just buy the all day pass.


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        Re: Full day vs. just HHN ticket?

        im a bit confused. it isnt going to be a extra 80 dollars for HHN. the Day/Night combo is your 80 general admission for the day time, and a 29 dollar upcharge for HHN. so you are getting HHN for about half off with that. with the day night you see everything during the day, so if 29 dollars for the terror tram and the walking dead maze sound like a good deal for you, then do it! if not, you can still buy the HHN merch they have at the stores during the day time, which alot of it is based off the show


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          Re: Full day vs. just HHN ticket?

          Jeez, Universal is really 80 bucks now? Just insane. I'd rather think of it as $54.50 for daytime and $54.50 for HHN haha. But as for people who have never been to Universal, I think you should do the day/night combo because that way you can still see the regular Studio Tour and at least Waterworld. I would then highly suggest trying to do at least the lower lot mazes while they have no line to see if you like them as well, and then do Walking Dead and Terror Tram, just to get more bang for your buck.


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            Re: Full day vs. just HHN ticket?

            Are we talking Hollywood or Orlando?
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              Re: Full day vs. just HHN ticket?

              Originally posted by KingEric View Post
              Are we talking Hollywood or Orlando?
              are orlandos day/nights 109? i have no idea i just assumed it was hollywoods because thats a price of our day/night combo.


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                Re: Full day vs. just HHN ticket?

                The last 4 nights have sold out. Last night we went with Front of the Line passes. The Walking Dead maze was at one point over 100 minutes long. The Terror Tram was at 70 minutes at one point. I highly recommend if you are deciding whether to go or not to get Front of the Line passes or else you will be waiting in VERY long lines to experience what you want to at Horror Nights this year.


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