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My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12


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  • My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12

    Last night my husband and I went to Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights for a third time. We had Front of the Line passes. Again last night was SOLD out and you definitely needed those passes to see/do everything without rushing. We did NOT do the Simpsons nor see Bill and Ted's since we manage to see it on Employee Preview night. I will start off by saying last night was the BEST of all 3 visits. The scare zones were right on as we just walked and stood in each one, the mazes and just everything in general.

    We decided to head downstairs with unite a few others extra early BUT that proved more difficult. When the park closes at 6pm they really need to do the park swe MUCH faster. Another park closes even earlier and their park sweep is done so
    that they are ready to go long before the event. I am definitely doing the survey this year with that suggestion. I don't see why the park can't close at 5pm on Horror Nights. Anyways we headed downstairs by 6:45pm the only thing opened was Transformers. We stood around until the event started and didn't need to use our passes walked into Silent Hill (first victims).

    Silent Hill: not sure but this maze just keeps getting better and better. Not sure if it was the energy of the scareactors ready to go on their victims or what. I never saw one movie nor played the video games yet this has become one of my favorite mazes. There's one room where the scareactor don't want to give it away but uses something properly to really make you try to avoid anywhere near them. We did this maze twice. 10/10

    Next up Texas Chainsaw Massacre: I LOVE LOVE this maze. I was so hesitant to go in here on preview night because of my feared Leatherface. Again we just walked in so we didn't use our passes. I give kudos to the scareactors for use of a couple rooms and mixing it up instead of using their props waiting for their victims. Plus the dining room scene, gas station and graveyard get me every single time. 10/10

    We rode Revenge of the Mummy, Jurrasic Park in the Dark with (summer splash still on) and Transformers before going back thru the mazes a second time using our passes. By now it was close to 8pm and both mazes had about a 35 minute wait by this point. After the mazes we took a break to grab some food.

    We headed up to the upper lot. Now by this time it was 9pm and glancing at the wait time board we knew our passes would come in handy. We headed for Terror Tram.

    Terror Tram The Walking Dead: my favorite Terror Tram of all Horro Nights. It seems all the previous years Terror Tram just didn't cut it for me. This year however Terror Tram exceeded expectations. I guess partly because it's tied into The Walkimg Dead. It was pitch black outside making it much more eerie and not knowing when where you'd come across the path of a "walker". The ony drawback is they need to keep people moving. The majority were taking yes "flash pictures" and video. I mean come on people do you have to document everything? There was a couple who stopped in front of us to take pictures or video and I said something to the employees helping keep the line moving and they immediately made them continue on. One of the "walkers" in War of The World's set thought it would be funny to try to actually pull my Duffy out of my hands. Luckily I had a death grip on him. I just wish the tram wasn't a tie in to the series and had more of a storyline with what we were actually going to experience. The "camping scene" and a couple others before you reach the Psycho House were completely dark. That was a bummer. 10/10

    After Terror Tram it was time to walk around the scare zones.

    Witches: we would stop to take NOM flash pictures of the decorations and out of nowhere a witch or monster would come from behind completely freaking me out.

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    Toys: same thing in this scare zone. I love the detail. The flashing TOYS sign with some light up jack o lanterns in the window just brilliant. Again stopped to take some non flash pictures and toys monsters would come and scare me from behind.

    Klownz: I do enjoy watching the clowns do their job of scaring park guests.

    Ok next up was La LLorona: out of all the mazes the previous visits I did enjoy this maze even though it's a repeat of last year with some a lot of changes. Anyways last night this maze was in my top mazes. I was getting nailed left and right by just about everything in this maze. I started to panic because the line came to a dead stop for awhile once again I just wanted to keep moving but couldn't. I was screaming so much i madethe girls behind us laugh.I live the additions to this maze this year.10/10

    House of Horros Monster Remix: I don't like this haunted house in regular park hours and for Horror Nights this is no exception. The addition of monsters really doing their job, music, lights and set pieces it does something to this maze. Previous years the overlay made no sense. It just didn't work. However this year I felt that the theme was a good choice. 8/10

    The Walking Dead: this maze was one of my favorites last night. The "walkers" had the timing down. There is so much to take in and for the first time last night it seemed I was just captivated by the tiniest details. I give kudos to one "walker" in particular. He came up to me and said "where are you going? I want to eat your brains." then others just seemed to come at me out of nowhere. I did think the one section of the maze they had the timing down and were really working it the way it should have been during preview night. 10/10

    Last maze of the night Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 3-D: no real scares in this maze. I really felt like it was weak out of all the other mazes. Don't get me wrong there us plenty of details maybe that's why I like it because there is just so much to see. It's a great maze just the timing needs to be worked on to get it to where the others are. For the first time last night I nearly stopped to take in Dante's Inferno because it definitely is impressive. There's so,etching about babies that's just evil so to add babies to this maze just brilliant. 8/10

    Sadly last night was the last time for us at Horror Nights this year. We were done and left the park about 11:45 pm. We have some new Halloween events to experience and yes I will be reviewing them on here. First up tonight Paranoia at the Santa Momica Place.

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    Re: My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12

    Great Review! You are so lucky to go there 3 times. As for me, I just did the general admission, I am definitely going to do the VIP thing next year, so that I can go through the same maze multiple times and take in all the details of the maze.

    I wish they add more shows to HHN. I remembered a couple years back, they used to have a lot of shows like SlaughterWorld, Chucky, Terminator, the Magic show. Now it seems like there only has been one show and that's Bill and Ted for the last couple of years.

    They need more shows like Knotts Scary Farm.

    I know that objective of Universal is to make money. At least, add more shows to HHN, so that the lines would be shorter for the mazes and they need to stop overselling their event.
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      Re: My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12

      Thanks for the review! I'll be there on the 6th and now I'm extra excited about it!!


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        Re: My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12

        Has anyone been to both Universal and Knott's in the same year? Your review is convincing me to choose Universal, but a lot of people love Knott's. I'm not sure if it's because they've never been to USH, or they're just used to Knott's or what.

        Great review btw! Sounds like you had a blast!


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          Re: My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12

          Originally posted by Wreckless Abrandon View Post
          Has anyone been to both Universal and Knott's in the same year? Your review is convincing me to choose Universal, but a lot of people love Knott's. I'm not sure if it's because they've never been to USH, or they're just used to Knott's or what.
          It's been my tradition for the last 6 years or so to always do a minimum of two Halloween haunts every year and that's going to both Knotts and Universal Haunt. Last year, I did 3 events and that included going to Queen Mary.

          I usually do both events before the start of October because that's where you get the BIGGEST saving and it generally less crowded except for Universal which seems to get crowded as the year goes on.

          For first timer, I recommend going to Knotts Scary Farm because there are 13 mazes and more rides to ride. They even have more shows instead of one show at Universal.

          While at Universal there are only 5 mazes and 3 rides not counting Terror Tram and one show and that's Bill and Ted. Since there are less attractions at Universal the lines get ridiculously long after 8:30pm with wait of over 85 minutes long.

          Universal costs a lot more than Knotts and they only have a few mazes and rides, but you get quality mazes.

          So I recommend you doing Knotts first because of the amount of mazes, rides, and shows you get for the price you pay. It seems that as each year passes their maze seems to get better (almost up to Universal standard) as they replace old maze.

          Both haunts will offer different experience. I love going to Universal just to watch their Bill and Ted's show. Also I love the cozy feeling of the park more than Knotts.
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            Re: My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12

            I went to Knotts every year from 2000 - 2006.
            2007 was the first time I went to Universal and skipped Knotts.
            From 2008 and on, I've gone to both.
            No doubt in my mind, Universal is the better of the two.
            Universal, IMO, has beaten Knotts in quality and scares from 2007 - 2011.
            2011 wasn't a very good year for Universal and I STILL think it was much better than KSF.
            I haven't gone this year for Knotts' big 40th, and I hear it's great, but I'm almost sure Universal will still be better...


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              Re: My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12

              Nice report!

              I was there the same night, although this year was my first time at HHN. We screwed up and didn't get the front of the line passes, so sadly we didn't get to do everything we wanted.

              I agree with pretty much everything you said though, the scare zones were rad, Terror Tram was really neat, along with the Walking Dead maze. The Monsters Remix was probably my favorite. The line was consistently 35 minutes and I think it was seriously underrated. I love the attraction even in the off season, and I also love the old Universal Monsters. The mix of characters they had here in this maze was awesome. Add that to the cool soundtrack and atmosphere and it made it a 10/10 for me.

              The biggest let down for me was the Psycho house. We were really looking forward to getting up to see it again and they have a line formed for photo opps with Norman and the house. While I understand that people would stop anyway to snap photos and the Normal opp is cool, I wish they could have incorporated the house itself more and not made it a serperate deal.


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                Re: My Halloween Horro Nights Universal Hollywood Review 9/29/12

                Every year I would go to both Knott's and Universal and every year Universal tops Knott's except this year. That's why we budgeted two more trips to Knott's including Halloween night and doing Trapped again too. Knott's not only has more variety but to me the monsters are great at what they do. The new mazes at Knott's are top notch. Universal is more of a movie studio. Hence the scare actors in the mazes can't really move and follow guests as much as at Knott's. (nothing worse than exiting a bathroom in Camp Snoopy only to have a monster waiting for you whereas they don't do that at Universal).

                However the scare zones at Universal I don't know if it was because we stopped to take NON flash pictures or what but they were very menacing coming up behind me and scaring me.

                The VIP for Horror Nights is more expensive this year than last. If you get Front of the Line passes and go extra early you can repeat mazes IF you plan ahead. I would definitely recommend doing the VIP tour once.

                Thats why we only go with Front Of Line passes or we don't go because there is no way that we would have been able to finish all the mazes etc.

                It is very interesting that the last two weekends the park has sold out of Front of Line passes and it wasn't even October yet.

                With park capacity the way it is for Horror Nights that's why Universal really does need to bring in more shows. There have been many who miss Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute. If only Universal would bring this back it would be something else to do and help with lines.


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