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First visit to Universal Hollywood: quick practical question...


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  • First visit to Universal Hollywood: quick practical question...

    I just have a quick practical question concerning Universal Hollywood:
    what do we do with our belongings (purse, etc...) when we go on the rides?
    I saw some videos on Youtube of the studio tours and saw some people with their bags and purses, is it possible?


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    Re: First visit to Universal Hollywood: quick practical question...

    Studio Tour: Bags are fine. Wouldn't put them on the floor though, they might get wet or tip over and stuff could fall out and roll off the tram since there's no bottom sides. On your lap or aside of you if there is room would be best.
    The Mummy: This one is the only one that's really strict about bags. As you enter the queue, there's a locker area. These lockers are free for about 2 hours, I think. In here, you'll also find if your bag is suitable for the holders on the ride. If it's too big, you'll need to put it in the locker. It scans your finger print, so whoever opens the locker when getting it must be there when opening it later. It's one time use, so if you want to get a locker again, you'll be assigned a new one for the next 2 hours (but still, for free). So don't leave anything in it after opening it for a second time, or else it'll be locked!
    Jurassic Park: I don't think there's any strict rules about bags BUT they'll get wet. What I do is, I use the Mummy lockers and run over to JP. Once done, I go dry off on the Mummy and after, take my belongings out.
    Transformers: Surprisingly, no rules about bags. I was thinking there'd be some super strict code about it but they said nothing. I even had a drink in my hands and they didn't tell me to pour it out or anything.
    The Simpsons: Again, no rules about it. If something is extra big, they'll tell you to leave it on the side on the ground. (It's a motion simulator. You enter a room with a car. You get in the car and it lifts you up in front of a screen. So your bag is basically below you, still in the room and off to the side.)


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      Re: First visit to Universal Hollywood: quick practical question...

      Thank you so much for all the details.
      It really help in my planning.


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