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Why Water?


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  • Why Water?

    So last time i visited the park i noticed that all rides in the park spry water on you in someway.
    Studio Tour sprays you during King Kong
    Transformers sprays you when barles spill
    Simsons sprays you when they go down the waterfall
    The Mummy drips on you when the dead hands reach down
    Jurassic park
    then also most shows use water
    Water world
    Terminator 2 sprays you when they kill the thing
    Shrek when they go down the waterfall
    Whats with all the water??

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    Re: Why Water?

    I think its a tactile experience that they can do and it won't hurt or cause lawsuits. :P
    For the love of Disney....:yea:


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      Re: Why Water?

      It's been years since I've seen the website that did the article, but there was some study that showed what people respond well to.


      We're made of it, and at some subliminal level it is "life" for we Earth-dwellers. There are colors that make us calm, ones that make us angry, and ones that cause us to shop more when accompanied by carefully chosen music piped in over the shop's muzac system. When it comes to water we humans are just plain receptive to it. You'll see it in the Rainforest Cafe's displays, more than half the rides at DL, and in every imaginable way that it can be incorporated into the environments and foliage.

      If you prefer as little water as possible, try Knott's or Magic Mountain.


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        Re: Why Water?

        Originally posted by fifthrider View Post
        If you prefer as little water as possible, try Knott's or Magic Mountain.
        Even MK has a lot of water effects:

        Splash Mountain
        Big Thunder Mountain
        Jungle Cruise
        Stitches Great Escape
        Mickey's Philharmagic

        Then when you look at Epcot:
        Honey I Shrunk the Audience (RIP)
        Ellen's Energy Adventure
        Test Track 1.0

        Then when you look at DHS:
        Toy Story Midway Mania
        Backlot Tour
        Muppets 4-D
        The Great Movie Ride
        The Voyage of the Little Mermaid
        Disney Junior Live on Stage

        Then when you look at DAK:
        It's Tough to be a Bug
        Kali River Rapids

        So Disney does have a lot of water effects too.
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          Re: Why Water?

          I'm pretty sure the only reason Knott's doesn't use a lot of water is that the rides mostly predate the relatively modern craze for it.

          But it's still there - the sluice flume fakeout in Timber Mountain, the entirety of Bigfoot Rapids, the water on a few of the carnival rides, etc.

          The push has been for 'more immersive'. So we're getting it - flame pots popping close enough to singe your hair, scents blown at you for appropriate environs, vehicles capable of more (and more realistic) extreme motions, etc.

          Water's just easy to purify, the systems tend to be easy to maintain, and the overall effect is something that most people accept once the initial "What the...?" ends.
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            Re: Why Water?

            Universal Studios: We get ya wet!


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              Re: Why Water?

              It's actually my most hated thing about Universal. One of my son's is autistic and has a big issue with getting water sprayed on him. And there basically isn't an attraction at universal that doesn't involve getting hit with water.

              It's overkill.


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                Re: Why Water?

                Universal loves spraying guest with water.
                If you hate the rides, you'd hate their haunted attractions.


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                  Re: Why Water?

                  When something as subtle as a waterfall in the background or a brook under the walkway ( Disneyland ) would do, you can always count on Universal to hit you in the face with it over and over and then ask "Are ya having a great time or what?" At some level it defines my love for Disney over Universal.

                  Well,... That and pic of Mickey that Walt drew for Carl Lamaelle.


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                    Re: Why Water?

                    I personally have never had a problem with it. However, it does seem to be everywhere, especially at Universal Studios. It's just another way to feel something, especially on Shrek 4D. It's all about feeling the experience, not just seeing things jump at your screen. However, to feel the air hitting your face and smelling certain scents. It just takes it one step further besides just seeing a 3D image.

                    Also, on a very hot day and walking around the park, feeling a little spray of water on your face feels refreshing. At least to me.

                    However, I'd understand why someone would think it's too much, or may possibly not like it, because it is on a lot of rides. However, personally to me that's why I see them doing it.


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                      Re: Why Water?

                      Don't forget the Coke Spray Zone or whatever that place is called. Also the Curious George Fun Time Water Town area as well..


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                        Re: Why Water?

                        I've always got my camera with me, and I hate it when things spray water at me. If I know about it ahead of time I can cover the camera (the Pirates waterfall, the King Kong movie thing at Universal) but they don't always tell you things are going to squirt (Pixar Play Parade is the one that comes to mind first) and that makes me cranky.
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                          Originally posted by explodingboy View Post
                          Don't forget the Coke Spray Zone or whatever that place is called. Also the Curious George Fun Time Water Town area as well..
                          Coke Soak and The Adventures of Curious George


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                            Re: Why Water?

                            Originally posted by F!an View Post
                            Coke Soak and The Adventures of Curious George
                            I made the Curious George one up as I went along haha. Thanks though!


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