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Costco "Annual Passes"


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  • Costco "Annual Passes"

    In June 2012, I purchased a Universal Studios 12-month value pass from Costco. I went to their website and registered my "annual pass" and it told me to enter my birthday so that I could receive a complimentary ticket during my birthday month. A month later, when I went with a family friend, they received complimentary birthday tickets with the same type of "annual pass" that I bought. We both bought them from Costco, both are the 12-month value pass. But when I tried to receive my complimentary ticket, the website told me that my pass wasn't eligible for the birthday program.

    Did the rule change recently? I'm really upset because this is what I was told in the beginning, and even guest services told me this in June 2012.

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    Re: Costco "Annual Passes"

    What Coast? West or East? And can you write the exact ticket name this is printed on the ticket on here.
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      Re: Costco "Annual Passes"

      This is West Coast, Universal Studios Hollywood. My ticket is the 12 Month Value Pass.


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        Re: Costco "Annual Passes"

        Universal Studios Hollywood – Exclusive Costco Offer

        This is what is included with your pass per the website:

        2 Month Value Pass


        • 15% Off merchandise for in-park retail stores (excludes film, media, and collectibles)
        • 10% Off of food in-park restaurants (excludes alcohol and carts)
        • $12 Off General Admission for up to six (6) guests

        Dates of Use:

        • First use must occur on or before Dec 31,2012
        • No Blackout Dates on First Use
        • Additional visits Expire 1 year from activation
        • Revisit Blackout dates apply(subject to change):
          • 2012 Blackout Dates

            • July: 28
            • Aug: 4,11
            • Dec: 26,27,28,29,30
        Now for the free birthday pass you can visit

        Universal Studios Hollywood - Annual Pass

        Where you see the stipulation that "discounted Annual passes are not eligible..."

        So you got a great deal on an AP, you just don't get the additional free pass.
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          Re: Costco "Annual Passes"

          How much is the Costco discounted pass?


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            Re: Costco "Annual Passes"

            Thank You KingEric! I was just confused because my family friend was able to receive her complimentary ticket at guest services despite having a 12-month-value pass.


            I'm not sure what it is now, but when I bought mine last year, I paid around 70 dollars for it.


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              Re: Costco "Annual Passes"

              its because you got a discount on it. even though they are the same ticket. the employee half off buy a day get 2013 passes dont get the free ticket as well.


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                Costco passes

                Originally posted by CaliforniaAdventurer View Post
                How much is the Costco discounted pass?
                The last time I looked Costco sold passes with five visits to be used in a year for only $69, not including parking. We liked this and didn't want to go more than that. I hope the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter makes us want to go more often and just hang out there, as we do at the Disneyland Resort.

                That written, I wish the Disneyland Resort replaced most APs with passes like this. Maybe 6 visits in 12 months for $250. And ten visits for $400. People could always get more than one pass a year. What made me favor this idea was a grouchy guy we met in DCA who said he and his family visit every week. The Disneyland Resort doesn't need him there 50 times a year. And that couple that visited every day in 2012--they were the equivalent of 730 extra visitors in one day. I did the math! These limited visit passes might inspire some families to discover beaches, mountains, and museums!


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                  Re: Costco "Annual Passes"

                  I avoided Costco passes because there seems to be about a half-dozen different kind of blockout dates. I remember one Christmas, some passes had ONLY the Saturday blocked out, and some had ONLY the Sunday blocked out. I had a feeling going to save $15 was going to mean more blockout dates and other restrictions, so I just bought it at the gate.

                  So it seems you get what you pay for, in terms of the value passes.


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                    Re: Costco "Annual Passes"

                    Thanks for sharing your experience. As I don't live near the parks (I'm in the UK) then it is nice to hear the ticket prices over in the states
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