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Going to Universal Orlando in August - Need Advice


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  • Going to Universal Orlando in August - Need Advice

    I am taking my two boys to USO/IOA in August and need some advice. We are planning to spend 1-day at each park.

    First question, is the Express Pass worth $55 per day?

    Second, has anyone done the Cinematic Spectacular Dining Experience? If so, what was your impression? Are we better to just find a spot to watch the show or does the private viewing area have a good view?


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    Re: Going to Universal Orlando in August - Need Advice

    How old are your boys? Depending on whether or not they would want to go on Rip Ride Rockit and The Mummy, you probably won't be facing any real lines whatsoever at the studios except for Transformers.

    Islands of Adventure is a harder guess...if you are going late August you would PROBABLY be okay without an Express Pass, but early August your guess is as good as mine and you may just want to make that decision while at the parks.

    Sorry that it's a little vague, but I am 3000 miles from Orlando so I can only repeat the advice I've heard.


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      Re: Going to Universal Orlando in August - Need Advice

      Thanks Frozen Phoenix.

      My boys are 12 and 9, so changes are we'll do the big rides. I am heading in the no man's land time of August, 12-13. Seems to be the resort hotels are no longer on Peak rates, but not all schools are back in session.


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        Re: Going to Universal Orlando in August - Need Advice

        My only question would be if the $55 Express Pass is the unlimited one, which I'm assuming it is. If so, I personally think it's a no brainer. I often stay on-site at Universal so get the advantage of the Express Pass. Nowhere was it more apparent how helpful it is than this past week when I started the week at Disney doing two days at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom and the last two days at Universal. The Express Pass at the very least buys you extra time to do whatever you want without rushing around. You don't have to worry about trying to fit in a certain show (say Animal Actors) at a certain time or try to squeeze in a meal. The Express Pass buys you all the time in the world.

        I'd also IMMEDIATELY buy the Photo Connect star card. For $49.95 you get every single attraction picture (including Rip Ride Rockit and Forbidden Journey), every single upcharge photo op (like the GREAT Spider-man one where they put your picture on the front of a comic book) and every single photo taken by the Universal photographers (so this includes front of the park stuff, the Donkey/Shrek picture, the Transformer meet and greet pictures. ALSO, you get a lanyard which can hold your Photo Connect card and you Ticket/Express Passes, AND you get a 5X7 or 8X10 of whatever picture you want, AND you get your Photo Connect card printed with your favorite picture, and a couple other goodies too. This is the best overall value in Orlando in my opinion. With kids that age you're going to want to get the great photos Universal offers and this is a steal.