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King Kong 360 3D


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  • King Kong 360 3D

    This is something that has bugged me from Day 1. Why does Universal promote King Kong as the big game-changer, or the major attraction at USH? I have seen it almost "out-promote" Transformers, even though they do share it equally. TF has a reason, since it IS a new major attraction for this small park. But why does KK- a 1 1/2 minute portion of the park's main attraction- fill up half of the park's promotion?

    This is just a nitpicky issue, but I'm curious to see what your thoughts are.
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    Re: King Kong 360 3D

    because its what brings people to the park. You have no idea how many tourists come up asking how much King Kong is. He's a big deal.


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      Re: King Kong 360 3D

      I'd also hazard a guess it gets a lot of attention because a) it's the latest thing added to the Studio Tour (which is still one of the most popular attractions, if not THE most popular attraction in the park) and b) they want to make Peter Jackson very, very happy in any way they can.

      I'm guessing this will change as more of the construction on the Vision Plan starts to appear. There are a few additions shown coming to the tour, after all. No news as to what, but they're there, they're tempting, and any minute now speculation should start.
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        Re: King Kong 360 3D

        Off topic, but doe anyone feel that the King Kong portion happens too early in the tour and everything else, is a bit of a let down? I mean, once you leave KK360, you enter the picture cars area and FF which are so anti climatic imo. I think it would be better if it was left towards the end like turning the Mummys tomb into KK360.