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Tour changes due to Tonight Show?


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  • Tour changes due to Tonight Show?

    Curious on this.

    Jimmy Fallon - our Tramtastic host of the USH backlot tour (he may be USF, never really heard or been there).

    He's got a new job, and it's one of the NBC crown jewels.

    So, speculation on what is going to change? The preview reels in the queue showing a selection of "Late Night" greatest hits were removed a few months back, but Fallon's integral to the current spiel on the tramroute.

    Do you think they'll update the references to simply note "Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC's Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon with Jimmy Fallon!"?

    Bring in Seth Myers to shoot a new rack of material in hopes that it helps spread awareness that he exists?

    Go in an entirely new third direction, possibly even potentially incorporating in the As Still Unannounced sections of the vision plan?

    I am actually 100% up in the air on this. My *preference* would probably be the third, trying something new. I suspect one of the first two, but can marshal arguments against both - The Tonight Show is a huge institution, NBC may feel it devalues the property to have a host also doing old material on what essentially is a theme park ride, but they also may wish to keep Fallon as visible as possible in the 'anything that helps' vein. Completely redoing the bumpers and "host" bits with Myers would elevate his profile to a degree and give NBC/Uni a chance to fly the new host in multiple arenas, but could also be potentially prohibitively expensive or potentially be on hold to let the future tour additions gel.

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    Re: Tour changes due to Tonight Show?

    The Studio Tour is unique to the Hollywood park, so Jimmy Fallon has no presence at the Florida parks.

    As for what will happen to the current tour, I think they will just up date the videos to mention that he is the new host of the Tonight show. I'm sure once they have material from the Tonight Show, they will incorporate it into the tour.

    Although Conan O'Brien was never a host of the Studio Tour, they did promote and feature videos of him on the Studio Tour during his brief stint as host of the Tonight Show.
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      Re: Tour changes due to Tonight Show?

      Originally posted by Ryan120420 View Post
      The Studio Tour is unique to the Hollywood park, so Jimmy Fallon has no presence at the Florida parks.


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