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Hhn rush of fear question

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  • Hhn rush of fear question

    Hey everyone!
    We are planning yet another amazing adventure to HHN this year and hope to attend in sept. Last year we had a one day ticket and of course the Express Pass. I must say that for being the second weekend of the event and with the express we still were not able to see everything there was to see last year when we went on the same date. (we saw all the houses but were not able to see any of the shows). The price for a AP holder to enter HHN is 38.99 per person and adding express for that night would cost an extra 50.00 per person! My question is if it would be better to purchase a rush of fear ticket at AP discount instead and attend HHN on two nights (those nights being Saturday and Sunday) and not purchasing express to save the 30.00 per person. will I get everything done in two days? Is it worth it or should I just go one day with the express?

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    Re: Hhn rush of fear question

    The answer to this really depends on your line-waiting tolerance. If you haven't been without express, it is a VERY different experience. Expect at least an hour, up to two and a half hours on busier nights. I personally would not go without express. Maybe bite the bullet and buy express for one night and do the shows the next night while re-visiting your favorite house? That way you can get a taste of the regular line for future year's planning.
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