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Universal Studios Parking!


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  • Universal Studios Parking!

    I never understood the parking.

    I know the General Parking $10-15.
    but I have no idea where Front Gate parking $30-35 is at.
    also where is Preferred Parking $20-25?

    and is it worth paying an extra $5-20. Honestly they all look the same. Someone show me a map.

    Also it slows down the line when the employee has to explain all 3 options to each car. I just straight up say I want General parking and have my money ready.

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    Re: Universal Studios Parking!

    If I recall correctly, Preferred Parking is located on levels 6 and 7 of the Frankenstein structure, the flat lot adjacent to CityWalk (approximately between Billabong and Tony Roma's) and on the first level and partially the second level of the Jurassic structure. I believe Main Gate Parking is the remaining portion of the above flat lot directly in front of the Globe Fountain/main entrance (approximately between Billabong and Saddle Ranch).


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      Re: Universal Studios Parking!

      ^I love how you say "show me a map", but when the cars in front of you are shown the map, you complain how it slows down the line. )

      But to your point, since I never bother asking for it (because I have the AP that includes general parking), I'm not 100% clear on the differences either. But I'm fairly sure one of those options is the flat, outdoor lot directly behind Citywalk and the globe fountain, as mentioned above.

      I believe it would be considered preferred because there's no need to take any sort of escalator/elevator/stairs to get to the park, and walks through Citywalk are minimized a bit more. So if you feel it's worth an extra $10-ish bucks or more to have a considerably shorter walk, then it's worth it.

      Oh, and let's not forget to add the Valet parking option as well!
      Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?


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        Re: Universal Studios Parking!

        they have it because there are people that will pay for it. Same reason why they have a FOL and VIP ticket.


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          Re: Universal Studios Parking!

          So bacislly preferred and general parking share the same lot but different levels? i parked Frankenstein for general parking level 5. But level 6 & 7 is preferred? Wow, I think that's a rip off. Big rip off. I think universal is tricking people.


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