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My Review for HHN 2013


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  • My Review for HHN 2013

    Hey Guys I'll try to make a video soon where I talk more about the event but until my thoughts on this years event

    It here and passed for me Halloween Horror Nights and was it worth the 60 bucks? Well kinda?

    First let me say I go to all 3 major horror events (Six Flags, Knotts and HHN) so yes I will compare them since I can't review this event without thinking about past events

    So first off I'm not a big fan of the 60 bucks pass for one night...when they have lines of up to 2 hours...when the event it self is 7 hours long, while yes they have some real sets here Knotts pulls off the same feel of the Universal mazes but for cheaper and more mazes, along with more rides so....If they raise the prices next year I might not be coming back

    The Things I liked

    Bill and Ted, It was funny, the lighting on the show is AMAZING (no joke they have some great new equipment) and I love how the preshow lets you see parts of the past years shows. While the show may not be a 10/10 I still loved it just the same but the ending I will agree with other who say did not feel as epic as other years

    Insidious THE best maze by a had dark rooms, good scares and over all I was impressed with how great this mazes was. Not much more to say but my highlight mazes of the year

    Black Sabbath - Some Cool 3D effects, loved the tall guys in black and how they had some good hiding spots to scare people in just a bright maze the only thing holding this mazes back is the line it gets...not worth a 50 min wait. But if I got on in under 20 mins it would have been worth it

    Evil Dead - A good Cabin in the wood type mazes with a few good scares and good atmosphere only thing holding it back was some obvious scares that just didnt work but still I like this mazes over many others . This is the last mazes I really liked

    The bad

    The Crowds....yeah the wait for the mazes just sucked for many of the mazes they need to put more in so it even's out the crowd more...or have another big show

    No WaterWorld? It's the last year they can have a show in this location...and they blew it...for no reason they could have made one last show here but went the cheap route and had no second show

    The Walking Dead Maze was....ok had one good scare involving animatronics but besides that not much...there was a line in the whole could see each scare coming a mile away

    The Tour maze...just lazy, I'm sorry I used to love this mazes but they really didn't even try this year....this mazes needs some major work next year

    The Boogieman - While I listed it last...its not the worst maze...and I'm impressed how they used such a small space for a maze...but in the end I just was not scared..maybe next year this maze will come back stronger

    Remix Maze....It was our last was cool at the end and there were some good spots in the beginning or the maze but not my favorite maze either.

    Overal...I give this year a 6/10 it has to be my lowest year at this event....I can only hope Knotts can be better and hope Six Flags Blackout is just as good as it was last year.
    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Re: My Review for HHN 2013

    Wow...I've already been to Halloween Horror Night's twice and going back on Halloween for the VIP. Went to Knott's Scary Farm already and are going back at least one more time this season. Skipping Six Flags since they raised the prices for front of the line for the same mazes they've had other than 3 new mazes (one is a repeat of last year just a different theme and location "Blackout"). Here is my thoughts on Horror Nights.

    YES it is crowded. IF you don't spend for front of the line or even the VIP then don't expect to get thru everything. The good of this year's event. Definitely the "Early Entrance" which allowed us to either do Terror Tram or go down to the lower lot and do Black Sabbath and The Walking Dead mazes (which we decided to do) We were able to do both mazes twice by the time the regular park guests got inside.

    My rankings of the mazes in order before I go into detail as to why I liked or didn't like:
    Insidious Into the Further
    El Cucuy The Boogeyman (yes i loved this maze)
    The Walking Dead Maze
    Black Sabbath (for effects not so much scares)
    Universal Monster Remix
    Evil Dead

    Terror Tram this year was by far much better than last years. Definitely needs to be done at night when it's pitch dark out. It seemed way more "walkers or zombies". The only thing that I didn't like was the video on board the tram was basically a plug in for the tv series. We really didn't get a "backstory" to put us in the action or build up of suspense as to what we are going to encounter out on the backlot.

    Insidious Into the Further hands down the best maze at Horror Nights. This maze nearly made me cry. My husband walked into a wall at one point (we were supposed to be going into the further part and he walked smack into a wall because it was so dark) Definitely loved the creepy house. Made me feel like I was really in the movies. The talent amazing job.

    Black Sabbath 13 3D is a neat maze. I loved the music and the details but another 3D maze. At least Knott's this year did away with 3D mazes. Not really scary at all. Being that we went down to this first it was an easy walk thru and one we went back a second time.

    The Walking Dead maze. I love how the tram drops you off and you have to walk thru the crates with "walker/zombies" and fog. It sets the tone for this maze prior to reaching it. I loved the fact that they used the prison cells to set up or not set up actual scares. Right from the start I ended up being startled. The only downside is the line control and there was a line that we ended up stopping in this maze. There is one effect in here that got not only me but my husband. Also it is definitely better than last years by far.

    Evil Dead. This was the one disappointment of both nights we attended. The props are cool and the "cabin in the woods/atmosphere" was great. Just for me it was like "Oh that is neat" no real scares. Plus the talent was mainly girls so maybe that's why. I'm hoping the talent improves but this maze definitely fell flat.

    El Cucuy The Boogeyman. This maze truly lived up to it's name. I came home and checked underneath the bed and in the closet. The talent in this maze definitely made me scream and be scared both times we went thru. The pumpkin heads were frightening. Even though this maze is on the shorter side we kept asking where is the end to the maze. It seemed to go on forever.

    Last but not least Universal Monster Remix. I wish this maze was staffed like this year round. It is fun.

    It seems like every year Horror Night's seems feels and is more crowded than when we go to Knott's Scary Farm (unless it's the days we go to Scary Farm). All I can say is the past couple of years Knott's in my opinion has come out on top over Horror Nights. This year is no exception. Knott's has 5 new mazes. Knott's used to be quantity over quality but the last couple of years that has not rang true. Not trying to bash Horror Night's. It's a great event and the mazes are some of the most unique granted they make you feel as if you are a part of the "action". It seems to me that Knott's talent seem to make sure the guests get scared are out to scare the guests no matter the lines or having to repeat their actions over and over all night long either. I really hope that next year Horror Night's changes the Terror Tram or even the location of the tram.

    I definitely agree that they need another show at minimum. I liked Horror Night's more this year than last year. But Knott's this year is still tops for me.


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      Re: My Review for HHN 2013

      ^sounds like I'll like Knotts once again for Six Flags my pass comes with free tickets to get into the Mazes so...I'll be going and just waiting in line
      Happy Halloween!!!


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        Re: My Review for HHN 2013

        I second the thought that Knotts was much better this year. I have always told people thinking of going to one of the haunts that Knotts was quantity and USH was quality. Where that is still true, the small amounts of mazes, the ungoldly waits unless you spend top dollar for front of the line, makes Knotts a MUCH better value this time around. Big advantage to The Hanging over Bill and Teds this year as well.


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          Re: My Review for HHN 2013

          ^thats the one thing I've never really liked as much is the Hanging its a fun show...but I love how you get to sit down at Bill and Teds and like I said the lightening now is Disney quality so they;ll have to be pretty funny this year to make me like the hanging more
          Happy Halloween!!!


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            Re: My Review for HHN 2013

            This is one of the weakest HHN Hollywood years we've had. Some might blame the construction, I blame pure laziness. Remix, and Terror Tram are pretty much identical to last year. El Cucuy was a huge missed opportunity, lots of black empty space. The backlot was poorly laid out, lots of people were getting lost (it's two basic mazes, how could that possibly be difficult to design a layout for? The scare zones despite having new themes are pretty much the same they've been the past 5ish years. Bill and Ted's was a downgrade from last year's superb show. I hope when construction is all done in 2016 they can get this event back on track. They're lucky they have movie properties on their side for marketing otherwise I think this place would not have half the crowds. Knott's definitely has them beat this year. The mazes, Scare Zones, Shows all superior to HHN Hollywood this year.


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              Re: My Review for HHN 2013

              This year is getting such mixed reviews. This is my third year and I felt like it was the best.
              Jeff Wayne


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                Re: My Review for HHN 2013

                I seem to be in the great minority that I actually liked the Bill & Ted show this year (and I haven't liked other years).

                I can add that haunts can change later in their season, as the talent finds their grove. I went to HHN on opening weekend and mostly felt "meh". Went to Knott's the next weekend and was much more impressed.

                Then returned to HHN this past weekend (we have a 10 pass to it), and was a bit more impressed on this second visit... the talent was much more aggressive in their work and scares. And some of those "empty spaces" in El Cucuy have been filled with scareactors (in the same costume as the safety crew, so that's quite a bit startling!).

                Overall, I do still give it to Knott's this year. But HHN is getting better as it goes along.
                Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?


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