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Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Halloween Horror Nights


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  • Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Halloween Horror Nights

    My favorite time of year has come and this year wasn't short on adventures (both excellent and bogus). As the warm summer nights give way to the cold bitter winters, it seems to put a spike in people's adrenaline. They seek out thrills and scares, accelerating their hearts, making them feel more alive. I've always felt that Halloween is a very important piece in our culture; allowing us to deal with our own mortality, our personal identities, and eat MOUNTAINS OF CANDY.

    But I'll get to the candy.

    For now, we go to a quiet evening in late September. The moon was full, the air was clear, and the hairs on the back of my neck had just begun to prickle.

    This was me. The old me. Which is ironically the young me. I suspect I was feeling a little upset after getting frisked by security at the main gates.

    This was before I learned about...

    The early entry line! This was seriously great. Using this, we did ALL of the mazes. What a life saver.

    Austin and Diandra shot themselves in the face. They were disappointed to learn the HHN serves no alcohol.

    The gates were open and we were on our way to the lower lot.

    Austin and Diandra enjoyed their time on the Starway by doing couple things.

    "I'm all alone!"

    The trams came very promptly and we were whisked off to the backlot.

    "You want us to ride in that thing? You're braver than I thought."

    The ride over was nice. Breezy but brief. Then, they let us off.

    The chaos had begun.

    This lady was CLEARLY having a great time.

    The Walking Dead was our first maze. It was pretty awesome. Great scares and some GREATER sets. I love how they got the "second story" into that prison.

    I always feel like somebody's watching me...

    We caught the tram back to the lower lot after finishing the mazes. Sabbath was pretty cool.

    This was their idea of a scarezone and it was pretty underwhelming. The actors they had were doing great with what they work with, but it's all kind of a mess down there.

    It was fun to see these folks entertaining other folks in the queue for Insidious. I think every maze should get something like this. It's like a preshow.

    We then got a locker and put all our stuff in it and went on all the rides. I have no pictures, but I think it went a little something like this...

    After the rides, we headed up to the Yooper Lot, eh? We finished off the mazes with El Cucuy.

    We must've beat everyone because there was NOBODY on the upper lot.

    This maze was great. I think it might have been my favorite this year. Great storytelling, especially since I have no context (not Latino).

    Austin, who has a Latina girlfriend, was given plenty of context.

    This is the look of context.

    We all felt a hunger that only hands could satisfy.

    Pinks would have to do.

    How have I never eaten Pink's before?!

    Then it was time to work off all of those lovely calories...

    by laughing!

    This year's show was filled with immature jokes, dated references, and the worst misappropriation of fantastic characters. Just like every year. And I love it. Every year.

    Bill and Ted is an enigma because it's not well written at all, but at the same time it is thoroughly enjoyable. It's exactly what it tells you it is and has no pretense about it.

    Empty seats? Maybe they all went to go complain about being offended.

    Terror Tram didn't seem like our style this year, so we walked around and enjoyed the sights.

    This, of course, means a montage of pictures I took for the hell of it.

    This guy was really on that night. Chasin' folks with a chainsaw.

    Guys seriously! There are children present!

    It was a nice walk around the park. I loved seeing people getting scared and even got scared a few times by some sinister spooks!
    It was great.

    That is, until this ax wielding maniac chased us out of the park!

    We made it out safely, but not before promising to return again next year.

    Keep an eye out for my Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest trip report, coming soon.

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    Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Halloween Horror Nights

    Excellent report. And bonus points for the Llamas reference :thumbup:

    Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr rrrrrrllllllllll
    Account abandoned due to trolls


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      Re: Director_Guy's Halloween Adventures: Halloween Horror Nights

      Haha! Glad someone got it.

      Part two is now up. Here's a link:


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