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ET Ride, passports?

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  • ET Ride, passports?

    Hi All,

    This is my first post here. I was out of the US for a pretty long time and just rode ET at UO for the first time in i don't know how long and noticed some differences. specifically the Pre-show, and the passports. Maybe even the dayglow aliens?

    I checked the web and it confirmed that the pre-show has changed, and the passports are new, but I'm not really sure what the use of the passports was? operationally the typing of names and association with the cards as well as passing them out seemed to be a lot of effort. Then once we boarded the bikes we had to hand them back to the staff member. I thought we may use them in an interactive queue or something..? maybe this was planned and didn't happen? also, we did use the fast pass, so maybe that caused us to miss the fun?

    I read online that this makes ET say your name but when is is this supposed to happen? I definitely would have noticed that... but again that is a lot of effort just to get ET to say your name, so I'm still wondering what I'm missing here?

    Also, I have no recollection of the fun neon aliens everywhere? I only remember the movie scenes that were portrayed in the ride... Is it possible that I just don't remember or did they re-vamp the attraction at some point to be a bit more fun?



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    Re: ET Ride, passports?

    The attraction hasn't been changed recently. Not since the anniversary re-release. The Green Planet scenes and the passports have always been there. The passports are in fact used to make E.T. say everyone's name in the final scene. It doesn't always work properly.


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      Re: ET Ride, passports?

      ET says the names at the end as a way to thank everyone for saving his planet and sounds quite strange while doing so. You're not missing anything.

      While there were scenes that were inspired by the film, the concept of actually saving ET's planet isn't from the film (although I'm not sure how we "saved" his planet).

      The reason why they made "the passports" was to showcase that they had the capability and technology to do so (even though it took time) and more than likely seemed awe-inspiring at the time. I'm sure it seemed quite interactive, real, and amazing at the time the ride was first created, but not so much now, since the ride hasn't really changed.


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        Re: ET Ride, passports?

        You save the Green Planet by bringing E.T. there. He has a healing touch.


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          Re: ET Ride, passports?

          I find it funny how he says my Granny's name, Sally. I still get a kick out of hearing our names at the end.