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Review: New Food Offerings in Super Silly Funland


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  • Review: New Food Offerings in Super Silly Funland

    With my first USH AP in hand, I recently visited on the Monday after the Gumball Rally. I was certainly excited for my first rides on both Transformers and Despicable Me. I was also excited for some of the food offerings in Gru's Lab Cafe and Despicable Delights. Quite frankly I've been underwhelmed with the dining options at USH, especially compared to offerings in Orlando like Mythos and Lombard's, so these looked like a step up. Here's what I found.

    The Freeze Ray Smoothie at Despicable Delights looked tasty, and on a hotter day I may have tried one, but I went for the frozen banana. I have no complaints about this offering. Cool and refreshing and covered with chocolate, it covered my desire for a treat and some fruit. It is also covered in black & yellow sprinkles; for a moment I was thinking they were covered with nuts, but that is not the case.

    While we're in the sweet spot, I also had a fresh waffle with banana at Gru's (only available from 3-5PM on this day). Waiting a couple of minutes for a freshly cooked waffle is fine by me, beats having one that was under a heat lamp for a half hour. It was perfectly cooked, hot, tasty and topped with fresh whipped cream. The only way to make it better would be to add a fistful of tasty, fresh banana slices. So why don't they do that?!? I can't answer, but getting a pile of STALE dehydrated banana CHIPS dropped on top was not what I was expecting. I'm not exaggerating when I state that the banana chips in the pre-packaged chocolate bars sold in the gift shop were better. This item is, at the very least misleading, and surely disappointing. It's only being sold for 2 hours; if every ice cream shop in the country can slice fresh bananas, with gadgets specifically made for that purpose, so can a super villain like Gru!

    But the biggest let down was the Grilled Cheese with Pulled Pork [sic] sandwich. I had seen photos of this online. It looked so delicious, big pieces of pork in a bed of melted cheese; one opinion stated that the cheese was really just accenting the pork flavor. The photo on the menu is also of a sandwich loaded with pork. I was thinking about this all morning. So let me be a direct as possible, I could not find one solitary shred of meat anywhere in my sandwich. I honestly started to wonder if someone had ordered a sandwich without meat, and it was given to me by mistake, but they all seemed to be coming from a common supply. This went beyond misleading and was......I don't want to throw any heavy accusations here, but I grew up in the south, I know pulled pork, and there was none in my sandwich (although I got BBQ flavor if I dipped the sandwich in the sauce). As grilled cheese sandwiches go, it was good; but it did not have the big, juicy pieces of meat as shown in the photo. And the house chips were no prize, either.

    That's quite a range of experience for an off-season weekday. So where from here? On the one hand, the chicken dinner at Gru's looks like an appealing meal that I would enjoy. On the other, Gru's burned me twice in one day. Don't know if I'm willing to give it a third try or not, but if so, we all know you're out after 3 strikes.

    But that sandwich in the photo sure looked good!
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    Re: Review: New Food Offerings in Super Silly Funland

    My friend and I have eaten there twice now and here are my thoughts:

    The Freeze Ray Smoothie was pretty good, but it is an odd drink as you choose a soda to mix with it. I went with Fanta (I think grape Fanta) and it tasted pretty good. I guess ymmv depending on what soda you choose.

    My my biggest gripe with Gru's Cafe, and indeed with most of the dining at Universal, is the lack of substitutions. I rarely eat friend food, but the side options at Gru's were chips, tater tots, or fried Mac and cheese. You also had to get whatever came with you entree so if you got the chicken which came with fried Mac and cheese, you couldn't get the slightly less heavy chips instead. Compare this with Disney where they gladly swap sides for you and most places offer at least one healthy option such as fruit or apple slices.

    Between my friend and I over two visits we have tried the meatball sandwich, pulled pork grilled cheese, nachos, and baked chicken. The best item IMO was the meatball sandwich. The grilled cheese was way too greasy, although on our second visit when we didn't order it, it looked a lot better. The nachos were ok, but nothing special. Same with the baked chicken. I would get the meatball sandwich again anytime (probably one of my favorite items in the park) and maybe the chicken again if I was in the mood.