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Diagon Alley Reviews


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  • Diagon Alley Reviews

    So I've been wondering about some of the people in the Orlando area that goes to Universal and Since Diagon has Soft opened, lets give the thoughts of the area that 'raised the bar' on many levels. and heres my thoughts just on the pictures alone:

    Level's of Detail - Diagon Alley has raised a huge bar on detail not only on Diagon itself but creating a realistic looking London,
    a Highly detailed KnockTurn Alley, and a Version of Kings Cross which feels just like it.

    Things to do - Besides Gringotts, there are many things to do like Hogwarts Express, Chat with the Knight Bus Conductor, Interactive wands, and the shows are a surprise and are done great. There is also Knockturn itself which is also a grand delight and some-what is the best enclosed area in the world.

    Its just my thoughts and everythings all out subjective and from what I've seen i'm just wowed by UC. So now its your turn to say your thoughts on The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley.
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    Re: Diagon Alley Reviews

    Let the reviews floweth forth: Diagon Alley Officially Opens and CityWalk Update at Universal OrlandoMiceChat
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      Re: Diagon Alley Reviews

      Can't wait to see it in person week after next! As a Harry Potter fan, this has me super pumped!!

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        Re: Diagon Alley Reviews

        The Onion:

        Inside Harry Potter World’s New Diagon Alley | The Onion - America's Finest News Source


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          Re: Diagon Alley Reviews

          Loved these "features"


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            Re: Diagon Alley Reviews

            We just went about two weeks ago.

            It's pretty darn cool. They can't have the whole park walking through the leaky cauldron, so the entrance is to the side of the restaurant. Other than that, they've kept pretty true to the feeling and imagination of what it would have been like in the books.

            We enjoyed that part of the park much more than the Hogsmeade area. Diagon alley felt less cramped and crowded, and more true to life.

            I highly suggest the chocolate chili ice cream. Somehow they managed to make a great chocolate ice cream, with just a bit of a spicy bite at the end... and the spicy part does not screw up the taste of the chocolate.

            We all shared a $15 fish and chips at the Leaky Cauldron, just to say we ate there. The atmosphere in there is well done.

            Also the Ollivanders wand shop is much better in Diagon. Much larger, and zero wait time to get in for the show and to shop. (at least for us). There is also a Gregorovitch wand stall in the event Ollivanders is full.

            I think everyone in the park ran straight to Escape from Gringots, (3-4hr line) so the rest of the part area was quite comfortable to visit and experience.


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              Re: Diagon Alley Reviews

              Originally posted by SirEdge View Post
              Loved these "features"

              • Sorting Hat that tells everyone they’re in Gryffindor
              • Animatronic Voldemort that is clearly a repurposed E.T.
              Bummer. I was hoping for Slythrin...
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