Dear Members,

I hope you can help me out with another question I have.

We're going to visit Hong Kong, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo next year. We have a two week holiday and we would like to make the most out of it. This will be our planning:

01-May Fly to Hong Kong
02-May Rest and visit Hong Kong city
03-May Hong Kong city
04-May Disneyland Hong Kong
05-May Disneyland Hong Kong
06-May Fly to Osaka and visit Osaka
07-May Universal Studios
08-May Shinkansen (train) Osaka to Kyoto
09-May Kyoto city
10-May Kyoto city
11-May Travel to Tokyo Disney Sea
12-May Tokyo Disney Sea
13-may Tokyo Disneyland
14-May Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney sea
15-May Tokyo city
16-May Tokyo city
17-May Sadly our flight to Amsterdam again.

As you can see we're going to visit Universal Studios right in the middle of the golden week. We have only one day to visit Universal Studios so we're going to buy a universal express pass 7. We have only one problem: In Japan (especially in the golden week) themepark tickets are often sold out. How can I assure my tickets and Universal Express pass so that we don't fly and just waste our effort? Can you guys help me out?