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Planning a visit in late April


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  • Planning a visit in late April

    So I plan on taking a trip to Florida next April. It will just by my husband and myself. We will spend 4-5 days at WDW (this is our second visit in eh 10 or so years and not planning on doing Animal Kingdom since we just did San Diego Zoos this year). I planned on at least 1-2 days at Universal but really questioning myself. The problem is I can not ride any of the 3D rides, I love HP but not my dh but he will oblige me the loving guy he do I really need a 2 day park hopper and what else is there for a poor lass such as myself who just can't do those 3D rides due to vertigo issues (I can ride some roller coasters as long as they don't go backwards and spin)? Shows are ok but not really my cup of tea so I will watch one and two if I push it.

    Any advice is welcome and preferred places to eat in the parks. TIA
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    Re: Planning a visit in late April

    You won't be able to do Spider-Man, Transformers, Despicable Me, Shrek 4D, Terminator 2 or Gringotts, which are all 3D attractions. This limits what you can do in the Studios more so than IOA. It's probably no longer a full-day park at that point, so you may want to look into other options on your second day, like spending some time in CityWalk.

    Universal's shows are somewhat lacking, but if you only see one, I recommend the Horror Make-up Show for a few laughs.

    In IOA, Mythos, Confisco, Three Broomsticks & Thunder Falls are all decent places to eat. In the Studios, I'd go with Lombard's, Finnegan's or Leaky Cauldron, although Springfield has some interesting fast food options.


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      Re: Planning a visit in late April

      I am going this time too only for one day. My wife doesn't want to come so she's gonna stay at our WDW hotel while I go in my own.

      I've been before so I'm mainly going for diagon alley which I haven't seen so my plan is to do a HP speed run. In gonna go straight to gringotts at opening then jump straight in hogwarts express and go on forbidden journey then go on both sides of dragons challenge, have a looks round hogsmeade (been there before) then Jump back on the hogwarts express and explore diagon alley.

      Once I've had my HP fill in gonna go to Krusty burger and try to do spiderman and whatever else I can fit in!