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And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)


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  • And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)

    I'm not too excited about a Kong 3D IMAX ride since we've already got Kong at U. Hollywood.

    How about yet another Harry Potter attraction? I'd like an e-ticket ride, but that one that doesn't cause motion sickness so my wife can ride it. How about a more detailed tour of Hogwarts? We could zap things and make things happen with wands!
    (Should wands purchased at Olivander's work, and what about "lost" wands? I'll let Universal worry about that.) And have lots of Peppers Ghost ghosts, please. Make it fun, funny, different from ride-to-ride, and astonishing. And have great music! Music is one of the things that makes the Haunted Mansion my all-time favorite attractions and (in my opinion) is one of the things that elevates the South Park Movie above also impressive The Simpsons Movie.

    And a "nightmare" suite in Hogwarts or in Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley would be cool and generate lots of free publicity, especially if it surpassed Disney's Dream Suites
    (in Cinderella's Castle and in New Orleans Square.)
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    Re: And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)

    For starters, IOA's Kong won't be anything like Hollywood's attraction... for the most part. It will combine 3D effects with practical effects and even an outdoor section. It may even involve Great Movie Ride-style narration by a live actor.

    Secondly, you're going to find out what Universal's next attraction is very, VERY soon. And hopefully it also won't be ANYTHING like Hollywood's version... :yuck:

    Lastly, I wouldn't expect anything else Potter related, not until after they get the Nintendo additions and a few other things squared away at least.
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      Re: And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)

      And there you have it.

      Universal Orlando Close Up | New Fast & Furious Ride Coming | Universal Orlando Blog


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        Re: And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)

        So is this the first time in theme park history that an attraction was closed only to be replaced by another attraction featuring the same actor (Dwayne Johnson)?


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          Re: And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)

          Boo. Not happy about a F&F ride. Can't we have something original other than an idea that was used at Hollywood? And I know they say it would be different than its counterpart but still why do they have to copy ideas. Come up with something original or a different movie concept instead of a partial clone. Just my idea.


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            Re: And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)

            Besides Volcano Bay; 2017 might be a OK year. There is Fast and Furious which will be popular and more a hit for general audiences, but; it will be interesting to see how fans react of it. Then Fallon..its Fallon. I'll say it'd be nice to give it a shot but it doesn't seem promising.

            Then 2018 from what it seems; is Nintendo at USF. With saying; Nintendo will be big for the parks and its very much like Potter for bringing in crowds; but most surely, theres a good chance familys will be coming here in droves.

            2019 or 2020 all depends. As of September 8th; MSHI is starting to get changes to match its area to the MCU a bit, and it makes sense you could have another big one for MSHI for 2019..or, It could be Phase III of potter; which it'd be good to bet that Ministry will be involved for it. But as of now; it all just depends on permits, and what insiders are hearing.

            But yea; Universal isn't backing down, far from it. And it seems very much like a good time for theme park fans.

            Heres a prediction for after 2016..

            2017: Fallon (Early), Volcano (Summer), FastNFurious (Late)
            2018: Nintendo (Summer, the same time of E3)
            2019: Marvel
            2020: Potter Phase III (Celebrating the tenth year anniversary of WWOHP)
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              Re: And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)

              Thank you for the link, JtnOrl!

              Think this Fast and the Furious attraction will open a full year Disney opens any Star Wars lands at WDW or Disney should give more weight to this: the sooner they open an attraction, the sooner they'll start making lots of money from it.


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                Re: And after Kong and the water park? (Another HP idea!)

                From most accounts, Star Wars is still quite a ways away. At least 2020. The current round of projects are more likely to siphon business from Pandora (assuming anyone comes specifically for Pandora.) Universal will continue to build at a much faster rate than Disney, so there's no telling what else they'll get done between now and Star Wars (Nintendo?)
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