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HHN's Too Scary In The Day Time?


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  • HHN's Too Scary In The Day Time?

    I have a 4 year old that's pretty petrified of Halloween type stuff. I know Universal Studios gets pretty decked out for HHN's and most of that is still visible in the day time. Is it too scary for kids? How much of the park is effected?
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    Re: HHN's Too Scary In The Day Time?

    Depends what sort of props they put out, as the scare zones are completely different each year. They probably haven't put out many of the larger pieces yet, the ones that tend to stay put during the day, so there's no telling how scary/gory they'll be. They aren't usually too over the top though.

    The scare zones will be in New York, Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd/Central Park, Production Central and San Francisco. Everything between Kidzone and Diagon Alley would be unaffected.
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      It's been a couple of years since I've gone, but the day time isn't too heavy effected by some of the props that are still out during the day. Other than that will be just a normal day of Universal Studios. So, it will not be scary at all. It isn't as if they have anything scary, or traumatizing lying around during the day.


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        I love going in the daytime because I do like taking picture with the props. No effects but the props in the scarezones will be very gory. That's about it though. Oddly going on Despicable Me will be the scariest walk from both directions so just be careful with that ride. It's a very short walk though might not even really notice the props.