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Terminator 2: 3D Upgrades


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  • Terminator 2: 3D Upgrades

    In a surprising turn of the moves, Universal Orlando has started updating Terminator 2: 3D, with changes starting with a new Pre-show. The Preshow also makes new references to pieces of the Terminator Mythos with mentions from the TV series, "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and the recent Terminator Installment, "Terminator: Gensyis".

    in also other news, insid​er's are also reporting of changes to the Projectors in the main auditorium are incoming, with refurbishing the effects in the main auditorium as-well. The Film in it won't change that much, but will be remastered to new 4K Imagery.

    So, thoughts? Are you surprised to see this happen to the attraction itself?

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    Despite being outdated, T2 is still a very popular attraction.

    Also, the right to the franchise goes bak to James Cameron in a couple years, so to replace T2:3D with something else would have been a terrible move.

    An update was just what the attraction needed, and even though I thought Genisys was one of the worst movies in the franchise, adding it to T2:3D is a good move in my eyes.

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      I think the pre show needed updating bad. I still love the main show with the live action actors and 3D effects so any sprucing up to that is neat. It needed something after running as long as it has. Not to mention Shaq hasn't played for the Lakers in years. LOL!


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        I'm glad they still have the Terminator, because while it's an "old" film, it definitely was a successful film and a lot of people still love it today of all generations. The idea of it all and the film itself doesn't in my opinion appear dated when it comes to special effects and that's one of the great things about it. However, the pre-show was definitely dated and it's nice to know they're giving it a update, or by now that I am posting it, has been given a update. Recently, I decided to get a pass again for Universal so it will be nice to know when I come back that T2 got a little bit of an update.