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Harry Potter Hollywood to open April 7 ,2016


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  • Harry Potter Hollywood to open April 7 ,2016

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    Glad to see they didnt bother rehashing some Orlando commercials...


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      And the announcement trailer mustve...nice.


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        I can't believe it's finally happening. Not sure how long I can wait for the crowds to die down before I go and get a butterbeer.


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          H-E-double hockey sticks yeah!!!!!


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            Thank you, JerryP49!

            Stuart Craig rules!


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              So ...April 7, 2016 is the big date, though they might soft open it as they did with Transformers.

              Five ways Universal's WW of HP could be improved here and in Orlando:

              1. While waiting in line, all of the portraits should move, not just the low ones.

              2. If a restaurant features sketches of witches, don't repeat the sketches so the same one is hung in 2 or 3 different places. This defeats the spirit of this great theme park land that prohibits mass produced Coke, Pepsi, and Universal shirts that would better fit with a store at the entrance.

              3. If it's 90 degrees in the summer, don't make the excellent Hogwarts Frog Choir wear shirts with scarves and sweaters and robes. Yes it looks good, but it's uncomfortable even to watch and made me think, if this were really Hogwarts the students wouldn't wear that in this weather.

              4. Make the frozen Butterbeer a little less sweet. I have a sweet tooth and didn't like this. And please go back to the kitchen to make a better pumplin juice. Don't mess with the regular Butterbeer (It's as good as everyone says!), hot Butterbeer (my favorite), and the very good Butterbeer ice cream. (One ice cream serving is enough for two, btw.)

              5. I thought the dementors on the attraction (the AAs, not the filmed ones) would have looked at home in a state fair haunted house.
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