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Universal Studios Hollywood selling lowest-tier annual pass for $109


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  • Universal Studios Hollywood selling lowest-tier annual pass for $109

    The Inside Universal blog broke this news yesterday (, but Universal Studios Hollywood is now selling an even lower level pass than its California Resident Pass, normally priced at $139 for 168 available dates.

    The 2016 Season Pass is only good through Dec. 16, 2016, and has 140 total available dates to visit, and is priced at $109.

    However, they are promoting this new pass to current/former season passholders (we received our promotion by email) as a limited time offer for $99. Apparently, they are hoping to get people to buy this pass without realizing how few dates are actually available.

    Inside Universal recommends purchasing the Costco annual pass (not a seasonal pass which will expire at the end of 2016, but an annual pass good for 12 months from date of activation), which is currently selling for $94.99 but equivalent to the California Resident Pass, if you have access to purchasing items at Costco.

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    Good to know.
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      I will not be purchasing any pass to any park that doesn't include parking. Not willing to pay $20 (you know it's coming) every time I park my car.
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