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When will U Hollywood preview the WWoHP? (B4 it officially opens on April 7.)

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    Originally posted by GhostHost2 View Post

    This is a great idea. I love the classic Universal Monsters, and USH really needs a dark ride on par with Haunted Mansion. I am thinking about going up to USH later tonight for Potter Soft Opens. Any word on if the land has been open till closing so far? I heard a rumor on another forum that there won't be soft opens tomorrow because they will have to play employees double for the holiday, That is a really stupid reason to not have soft opens, but I wanted to let you guys know in case it was true.
    I for a Universal to have a Monsters dark ride........
    Universal is known for ther classic, Universal Monsters...Yes ,I think is great Idea, as well !
    Soaring like an EAGLE !


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      I don't have an interactive wand, but Robert Niles, who runs the Theme Park Insider website and has been previewing the new land here, reported on Friday when WWOHP soft opened that he was able to use his Orlando wand to make the interactive windows here work.

      It's right above the video of the interactive windows.

      Originally posted by theatremouse View Post
      Yeah, I've read several unofficial statements that it should work, but I was hoping to get some confirmation from someone actually attempting it. Or something official from Universal (which I haven't been able to yet). I don't know exactly the hardware/software they use so there are a number of ways it could be the identical system, but not have them work in both places.


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        Thank you very much for that.