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No more free Metro parking at Universal Hollywood


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  • No more free Metro parking at Universal Hollywood

    Starting in April, Metro (formerly MTA) will charge all motorists for parking at its Universal City station on the Metro Red Line.

    Once the parking fees begin, you will still be able to park in the Metro lot as a subway user for $2-3, but if you park there without using your TAP card to ride the Red Line, the charge for parking your car there jumps to $15 to $25. Which defeats the purpose of saving $18 by parking at the Metro lot (which is not allowed according to signs throughout the Metro lot, but not consistently enforced). However, parking is difficult on weekdays, as there are not enough spaces for commuters who park there to ride Metro toward Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles.

    I should also say that people who park at the Metro lot currently are at risk of a sizeable parking ticket. The Metro lot is across Lankershim Blvd from the main entrance to the Universal Studios complex, which for most people means walking across the street, waiting for the tram that takes people up the hill to City Walk, and then doing the same process in reverse once they are finished at the theme park or City Walk.

    (Saw this on Inside Universal's Twitter feed.)
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    I'm disappointed but not surprised. I park there to use the Metro to get downtown fairly frequently, and to use the electric-car chargers. I wonder if the chargers are still going to cost money, now that we will have to pay for parking. Usually, if you pay for parking, the chargers are free.
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