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Early Admission - Who gets it?


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  • Early Admission - Who gets it?

    Does anyone know which tickets get early admission to WWOHP? I find the web site to be ambiguous. The online ticket store ( seems to imply that all tickets bought there get early admission, even annual passes.

    If you click on the CA Resident Annual Pass, for instance, and click "Terms & Conditions", you'll see that early admission is mentioned, but it doesn't explicitly say that it's included. So would this include early entry for the first day only, or every day the pass is valid?

    I wonder if it's also included via the Costco AP deal?

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    I'd definitely recommend calling them. It kind of looks like EPA is included with Uni APs purchase online, but I'd be suspicious since it's not listed overall as a benefit. It might be they are just holding off on listing it until April 7.


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      I did call up the ticketing number, and they sounded just about as puzzled as I was.

      From this press release, early entry applies to "EZ Rez ticket holders":

      So I guess the question is, is an annual pass a ticket or not? If it's not, I can buy a one-day ticket and then upgrade to an AP at the park right? (This ought to grant me early entry on my first visit, only.) I assume there is no discount this way.


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        Yesterday, I called Universal again, but this time spoke to Guest Relations. They seemed certain that annual passes bought from the EZ Rez site would indeed be eligible for early entry.
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