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  • Harry Potter Merchandise

    I am visiting with friends at the end of April and want to know what options are available for merchandise and souvenirs. I know there will be the requisite t-shirts and whatnot, but I want to know if anyone has any thoughts about any particular things that were cool or noteworthy. We'd love to see if we can get a wand from Olivander's and have heard that they are meant to interact in the land. Please share. Thanks!

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    There are lots of wands, and note there are some that are purely decorative, and others that are interactive. Personally, I recommend the interactive, as they're not much more expensive (although already expect the $40-50 range) and you can enjoy casting your spells. It's also been noted that if you ever visit Orlando, the interactive wands will work in both locations.

    There are plenty of places to get all the other requisite souvenirs. Visiting all the stores in Hogsmeade is half the fun, explore them and enjoy not only all the merchandise, but all the details!

    And if you can't take the crowds, much of the main merch is also available at many various stores throughout Universal, even the lower lot.
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      I'm a big Harry Potter fan, so when I went to Florida the must haves for me where a chocolate frog, the every flavor jelly beans, a wand, and I tried the Butterbeer (the regular drink is way too sweet for me, but I hear the ice cream is good). I also got a Ravenclaw tie since I have to wear a tie at work every day (it's subtle, and I don't think anyone's noticed).
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          U. H.wood was selling H.Potter merchandise in a store near the entrance at Halloween Horror Nights. I entered with my Diagon Alley shirt (that I got in August from the WWoHP in Orlando) and the clerks went "Owwww!" when they saw it. I responded with Jim Carrey's red carpet line, "DO NOT WORSHIP ME!"

          Again, my preferences:
          Classic, chilled Butterbeer: outstanding
          Hot Butterbeer: my favorite
          Frozen Butterbeer: too sweet, even for my sweet tooth
          Butterbeer ice cream: good, but the serving size (in a cup) was enough for two of us.
          That new butterbeer dessert: ?????

          They should make the whole land a scare zone at Halloween with witches, dementors, Slytherins, Snape, Malfoy, etc.

          If you love the Haunted Mansion, you'll also love the WWoHP, especially at night!

          So cool that you can see this hipptop castle from the freeway.


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            I just got to check out Hollywood's Wizarding World on Saturday. There are tons of great merchandise options. You'll for sure want to stop into Honeydukes and pick up a chocolate frog, or some Bernie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. The packaging alone on some of the products in Honeydukes are worth the price. Be sure to grab a piece of Butterbeer fudge as well!

            Ollivander's as mentioned has plenty of wands to choose from. They have a large selection of character replica wands, as well as some "regular" ones. You can get most of these in interactive form which will run you about $10 more than than the static wand.

            Gladrags, Filch's Emporium and Dervish & Banges have a wide selection of clothing options. This is where you'll want to pick up robes, Quidditch apparel and Hogwarts merchandise. I don't recall seeing any "Wizarding World" specific merch in Hogsmeade, but there is a store near the entrance of the park that carries exactly that. And by the time you go, the Universal store in CityWalk will have plenty of new stuff out.

            (purchasing a Butterbeer in any form goes without mentioning!)