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I want a House of Horrors that dwarfs, out-scares & outclasses the Haunted Mansion


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  • I want a House of Horrors that dwarfs, out-scares & outclasses the Haunted Mansion

    I'd repeatedly enjoy a new $300 million+ House of Horrors that tries to dramatically outdo the Haunted Mansion (my all-time favorite attraction.)

    Please make it partly walk-through, partly ride-through with changing monsters, many played by live actors, and a section of the track/attraction that guests only ride through in October & late September, when (especially at night) the scares and gore are amped up.

    We were discussing on another thread how great it is when Imagineers try to make the best ride ever. Another Micechatter thought this was attempted with (early Eisner's) Indy Jones at Disneyland. It may have also been attempted with Radiator Springs Racers, Spiderman, Transformers, HP & the Forbidden Journey, and Gringott's.

    If interestingly different Houses of Horror were built in Orlando and at U. H.wood with
    beautiful original music (or barring that, the best scary classical music),
    amazing special effects,
    that new darkest-ever black that one artist currently has the rights to,
    and the ability to change some of the sets to (sigh) promote the latest horror IP,
    then it would force many WDW curious, thrill-seeking guests to visit Universal.

    It could be a great, worthy follow up to Potter. An attraction with the main goal of being the best attraction yet created.

    ‚ÄčMaybe even copy the Doombuggies and the concept of leaving the castle/mansion and going "outside" during the ride. Why emulate Doombuggies? It's great going through a scary attraction with just one friend or family member or two. To increase capacity they could have two tracks. And copy what Walt did (probably unintentionally)--put up the magnificent shell/entrance while it's being constructed, even if (like the Haunted Mansion) it doesn't open for years later. Imagine the fun of cast members denying it exists for a year then telling people it won't be an attraction and urging them not to make direct eye contact with it.

    Maybe make it Count Dracula's Castle with yet another castle that outdoes Disney's castle in some ways. Dracula would be a wonderful host for this tour.

    What I loved most about the House of Horrors was the professionalism of the full-time, year-round monsters who were generally better than those at the Halloween events. They knew not to try and terrify a child who was too young to be in there and to bring on the terror for the teens who came for that.
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    OK Micechatters, I posted the above post on May 4, and in 90 minutes it'll be July 4, so since none of you will join in I'll just post my own reply with more ideas:

    Build this as part of a monster land with the one ride-through House of Horrors with classic Universal and other monsters, with some portrayed by live actors. Have the ride go through an extra area the only open at Halloween.

    HERE'S THE NEW IDEA! ! ! Have a bar/morgue/private club (Morgue Club 1313) adjacent to this attraction. The most popular place to scatter ashes at Disneyland is in the Haunted Mansion, so in the morgue bar, there would be tiny compartments where 500 to 1,000 people with way too much money could pay way too much money to have a small amount of their ashes interred in a box with their name on it. Relatives could come in this themed morgue bar for a drink and/or dessert. Weird enough for you? There are a lot of eccentric rich people out there.
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      I like you're idea jcruise86. I'm a big horror fan. I love Knott's Scary Farm. I've never been to HHN, but I'm told that the mazes are much more detailed and realistic, but the lines are way, way longer (hence why I've never been). So I imagine with that experience Universal would be able to do it right. I've known a few of the monsters that worked at Knott's before, and they love it, but can't handle more than the one month. So they'd need to rotate the monsters in your maze at least every month to keep them energized and enthusiastic.

      FYI, Universal is actually trying to create a shared universe with their classic monsters the way that Marvel does with their superheros. They already have a new Mummy movie, Invisible Man movie, and Swamp Thing movie in the works (and I know they cast Tom Cruise as one of them, maybe the invisible man?), so this could totally support those movies.

      Not sure if anyone would want to scatter their ashes at Universal. People want to at Disneyland because they grew up going there and it feels like home. I don't think Universal has that same appeal for too many people. But the bar + nightclub sounds fun. I love the relaxed atmosphere of the Rusty Pelican in Newport Beach (indoor couches next to a fireplace on the 2nd floor overlooking the ocean) so if they just did that but in an old, run-down Gothic vampire theme I think it could be really cool.
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        I also LOVE Knott's Scary Farm, but I don't like Universal Hollywood's HHN as much. HHN just seemed more corporate to me while Scary Farm always has this "Let's put on a show" vibe--as if the cast members are there mainly to frighten guests and make them laugh. I went to HHN last year and a friend I went with said it was just a lot of jump scares. There were some cool special effects at Universal, but I missed the Boo-fet at Knott's. Putting extra zombies in the permanent Walking Dead attraction should be cool though. And they should have fog and some roaming dementors at the Wizarding World for Halloween.

        I did really like the Queen Mary's Dark Harbour. The year I went (with MIcechat!) we had front-of-the-line passes, and I would recommend them for the Dark Harbor, even more than at HHN & at Scary Farm. And while I'm in Halloween Town, I'd like Knott's to cut back on the upcharges at Scary Farm.
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          The Mummy with Tom Cruise earned a really low Metacritic score, but I still think Universal should build a "best dark attraction ever made" based on their (& other?) monsters.
          What else have they got in the pipeline to rival Star Wars & Harry Potter? The House of Horrors is a great name &, again, rotating monsters could inspire repeat visits.


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            I started this thread in May of 2016 and Universal has yet to contact me to pick my brain!


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              Originally posted by Big D View Post
              ...I've known a few of the monsters that worked at Knott's before, and they love it, but can't handle more than the one month. So they'd need to rotate the monsters in your maze at least every month to keep them energized and enthusiastic...
              Long ago when the House of Horrors was open, they had outstanding monsters. The year-round schedule seemed to allow for really talented, professional monsters to take their jobs seriously. When I went through with my kid (irresponsible, I know, but she loved it!) they seemed to know to back off a bit and some--like Chucky--seemed to want to make her laugh.