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Could Alfred Hitchcock attraction return to Universal theme parks


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  • Could Alfred Hitchcock attraction return to Universal theme parks

    Good Evening!
    In an age sequels, tent pole franchises, and reboots/remakes. One name has remained dormant for a long time. But now news has come that Alfred Hitchcock ‘The Master of Suspense’ is on track for a reboot in a what’s called a ‘dark anthology’ TV series. Both Universal and Hitchcock estate has teamed up to reboot the brand. Now for theme park fans, why would this be important, well cause Hitchcock has a history with Universal Studios theme parks.

    When Universal Studios first open at Florida. One of the main attraction was Alfred Hitchcock: Art of Making Movies. A theatrical show/3D film to demonstrate how movie production is made.

    Over at Universal Studios Hollywood, the imprint of Alfred Hitchcock is very much alive with the long standing Bates Motel and house present at the Universal Studios Tram Tour.

    So, with the history of Alfred Hitchcock and Universal Studios theme parks, one has to ask? Could we see a return of Alfred Hitchcock to Universal theme parks? If, so what could it be? Another theme park shows, possible Halloween Horror Night maze, or even a dark ride with SCEENZ(ha!). Given that Universal has licensed the name again and it’s history. I don’t see how it would be a problem for Hitchcock to return to the theme parks. So, what do you guy’s think. Should we be seeing more Hitchcock back in the parks? Is this a big opportunity or even rumor HHN maze that’s been echo for awhile. I myself would like to see dark ride where you can travel into the TV series and be part of those horror suspenseful scenes from the classic episodes.

    Interesting footnote. Universal Studios Orlando did a special tribute for Halloween Horror Nights for their new Universal's Cinematic Spectacular lagoon show. Which funny enough shows almost exactly the same montage that the old Alfred Hitchcock: Art of Making Movies 3D film right down to the 3D portion of the Birds



    Alfred Hitchcock reboot TV deal.

    History of Universal Florida Alfred Hitchcock: Art of Making Movies attraction.

    Alfred Hitchcock Psycho House on Universal Studios Hollywood Tram Tour.
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    I'd love to see Universal have a Hitchcock dark ride. Heck, they can do Hitchock's Hotel of Horrors and rip off Tower of Terror to attract the California Disney fans to their park.
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      Not too sure about that now that Hitchcock isn’t as big of a name that he used to be in the general public, for obvious reasons. I can see them remaking this with either Spielberg or Nolan (they can’t use his Batman films, of course) but that’s a big maybe.
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        I don't see it happening, but boy would it be a great thing to see! I worked at the Hitchcock Art of Making Movies attraction way back when and I worked on the Psycho IV movie shot at Universal Florida as well.


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