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3D Preference for Forbidden Journey

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    As someone who doesn't get motion sick easily, the 3D was actually pretty useful; even as it was fussy putting it on over my glasses, I found that the way the 3D glasses made everything in the ride less contrasted actually helped in terms of transitioning between the sets/practical effects and the screens (which are really bright compared to the rest of the ride in my opinion).

    The 2D version is still nice, and I prefer it more if only because people who have motion sickness can enjoy the ride more, but there are moments now in the ride that are simply not as convincing anymore because it's too easy to see through the darkness now (i.e. being able to see the screen before actually being in front of it in some points, traveling through the Floo Network at the end and seeing both green whirlpools, etc.).


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      Honestly, I do miss the 3D, but I wish they'd have done it better. Too much of it it looked a little blurry. Of course I'm pushing 50 and my eyes are not great (I need contacts for distance and reading glasses for up close!) so that might have been me. But maybe they can improve the 3D and bring it back at some point.


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        The 3D added nothing to the experience. The 4K 120fps update is far more beneficial to the ride.
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