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Harry Potter Projection Show

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  • Harry Potter Projection Show

    Does anybody have any information on this projection show that is rumored. I've seen some places mention a summer show for both Hogsmeades in Orlando and Hollywood?

    USA TODAY talked about a Christmas Projection show in Orlando only with (mentions of Christmas in Hogesmeade, Orlando).

    Will Hollywood got the Christmas show?

    What is happening with the non Christmas projection show?

    Are their capacity problems with the viewing locations?

    For Universal Studios, Hollywood, how is it the fact that it's an actual movie studio affecting (or might be affecting) scheduling?

    Any information would be appreciated!

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    I would think that most of USH's problems would be related to the after dark timeslot more or less required. You can't fudge and say "Oh, sun's mostly down" - you really need the full dark.

    That being said, it'd likely have little effect on filming. Most filming gets done on lot during daylight as far as I can tell.
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      My guess is next year....its still too new for them to add more

      My guess is over the next 2-3 years as they get ready for there next big project we will see little things added to Potterland
      At some point they'll add Death eaters at Hallloween one point they added Christmas lights...and at one point they'll add a night time show
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        There's been a lot of sighting of projectors being installed on the top of the Shrek building, and holes being dug next to the castle, presumably for more projectors/lighting equipment or effects. Many are Universal sites are speculating it could be for this summer. That said, if so, you'd think they'd be advertising it pretty soon, so who knows?

        As for the type of show, and where the viewing areas are going to be, are all total speculation so far.
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          Yeah, I think it's happening this year. If the projectors are only getting installed now, It could be for testing for the Christmas show. All the positions they used to the opening ceremony were out in the open, so they'd probably have to readjust and test for the new position for the projectors.