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New Kung Fu Panda Attraction - Coming Soon


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  • New Kung Fu Panda Attraction - Coming Soon

    The show most likely will be taking over Shrek and along with that we are getting more characters from Dreamworks movies walking around the park and even a little dance party coming this summer.
    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Good news: Shrek 4D overstayed it’s welcome and needed to go.

    Bad news: It’s gonna be replaced by yet another 4D attraction. They are too cheap to demolish that area and make it Dueling Dragons or something similar.
    Mors solum initium est.


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      Yeah, kind of underwhelming. Also, just noticed that the CityWalk logo has a ‘t’ that looks like a crucifix. Weird.
      Jim in Merced CA - former cast member at Walt Disney World, Walt Disney Imagineering and Disneyland.


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        I loved Kung Fu Panda & Kung Fu Panda 2 & thought they were both worthy of the Oscar nominations for Best Animated Feature that they earned,
        but I was disappointed in this "4D" movie.

        I hope it's replaced by a dark ride ASAP or (if Waterworld & its stadium close), by a stunt show. One with Van Helsing fighting monsters could be fun. I'd love it if Universal tried to top Disney's Haunted Mansion with a bigger ride devoted to its classic monsters featuring at least 5 live actors at all times. It could be plussed with more actors at Halloween, and maybe even turn into a room that is only open at Halloween.


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