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  • [Orlando] Video Game Park

    Last year Universal made a large land purchase being about 475 acres in total:
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    What if it was a sort of Video Game Park was built on part of that land. They already have 2 IPs that could already be used Nintendo and Warcraft. While Sony has a large library of IPs there's always the possibility that Nintendo and Sony might not want to be in the same park together. It would probably be best to devote to third party IPs like I would love to see a Sonic area or a Dig Dug ride.
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    In case anyone asks I'm just saying that I would prefer SNW in a park with other video game IPs not saying that I think this will happen especially with all the leaks saying it's going to be where the kid zone is. I'm just saying I would prefer it to be in a park with other video game IPs.
    I want a refund


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      Wow, I didn't know that such park exists, that is really nice, I have to visit Orlando once just to see this park, because I am fan of video games and I hope blizzard also has a part in this park and maybe they sell there some goods desighned with their games. I love overwatch very much and I am ready to buy a plastic sculpture of any hero from overwatch. That is my second dream after getting the diamond rank, but it is easy, because I know one overwatch boosting service who can boost me. And the prices are really nice.
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