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Could Universal lose Potter for a possible plan WB theme park.


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  • Could Universal lose Potter for a possible plan WB theme park.

    Alright, no cause for alarmed here. There’s no rumor, reports or gossip about Universal losing Potter. What this about is there’s some talk among theme park fans and podcast that Warner Bros could get into the theme park business for their owned.

    So, chatter is that with the recent merger of AT&T and Warner Studios and the opening of the license WB theme park in Dubai, that the speculation is Warner is testing the waters if a the next business venture could be into theme parks. Another is the Horror event plan at WB Hollywood Tour. WB is using their own horror franchises and DC comics for what could be next halloween desnstation during the HHN season.

    Now, none of these things are real signs that WB is seriously considering a theme park of their own. But some take it that these of steps that if successful enough could lead to WB making their own parks without the help of Six Flags or Universal parks. Also, some pointed out that the long rumor Lord of the Rings theme park maybe hold back from Universal or Disney for a more epic plan. But who knows.

    Which could lead to possibility of Potter leaving Universal, or DC license pull from Six Flags. But if this happens. What is WB plan. Build new theme parks? Could they build new parks in California and Florida?

    Now WB has the property to take on Disney, but is it worth it. Who in the company is pushing for this. Again it’s all hearsay until somebody does some real reporting. But what do ya’ll think. Is this possible or is it just a bag of crap fortune telling by bunch of theme park nerd?

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