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First Trip - Need Help


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  • First Trip - Need Help

    Hi guys!

    After being a Disneyland AP for many moons, the kids are finally old enough to give Universal Hollywood a try - but I feel like a lost little lamb and could really use some help.

    We are headed to Universal on June 14th, it looks like its blocked out on a few of their calenders, so I am expecting it to be busy. We are debating getting their expensive "first of the line" pass. Do you think it will be worth it, or will we be able to hit everything without it? The main purpose of our trip is Harry Potter, but we would like to hit most everything.

    Also, I cannot find a clear answer anywhere, but we usually take a camel back into parks with us. It's great with the kids for snacks and meidcations, and having water on hand at all times has saved us more than once, but their rules don't mention it and since we are ubering over I would hate to get stuck in a tricky situation.

    These are my main two questions right now, but if you have any other tips and tricks please throw them my way - I would be so grateful!
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    1) Call about the Camelback

    So Depends...if you get tickets online and get to the parks early you should be able to hit everything.
    I'd start with PotterLand ride the two rides there and then if Jurassic World is open head down there.

    If Jurassic isn't open enjoy more of Potterland then move on but if Jurassic is open I'd not look in the shops in the morning come back later and have lunch or dinner there.
    But yeah after Potter hit the lower leave doing Mummy and Transformers. Then The Studio Tour and feel it from there.

    My Options on Food are the Three Broomsticks is a must for Potter fans, if your a Simpsons fan they also have some fun restaurants from the Taco Truck and Cletus' Chicken Shack, also the Butterbeer and Simpsons Buzz Soda are both good fun drinks.
    You can also go to City Walk and the restaurants there cost about the same but many offer better quality food or bigger portions
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Experienced studio Goer here, can offer some insight into the questions.

      The 14th of June is prior to the major extension of there operating days, As shown on the park calendar the days prior have scattered the park
      hours meaning the influx of crowds will not have arrived yet.

      FOL Value explanation: If you plan on arriving at 1:00 PM and want to experience all Universal has to offer I would recommend the Universal Express option. If your able to be there at opening the General ticket will work fine. If you have a large group and plan on viewing all three shows I would recommend the Universal Express pass. The reserved seating aspects of the pass allow you to arrive at the shows at the time it starts and maximize time elsewhere in retail shops in Hogsmeade and waiting in the Ollivanders experience line, which has no way of getting around.

      The Three BroomSticks Grand Feast offers a good value to feed a whole family, and the theming aspects of HogsHead and 3BS is something the big Potter fans will respect and enjoy.

      As far as Camelbacks I would contact Guest Services desk directly to receive a clarified answer.