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Minions attraction is no longer 3-d


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  • Minions attraction is no longer 3-d

    I believe it's been a week or two since this happened, but the movie portion of the Despicable Me / Minions Mayhem attraction at Universal is no longer in 3-D. The attendants are no longer handing out 3-D glasses at the building entrance, and any references in the pre-ride short film to using 3-D glasses have been removed.

    I think some people are unhappy because the 3-D effect is no longer there, but when I went this past weekend, I really appreciated the sharpness of the projection of the movie (I believe the ride attendant said it is now in high definition). Because your sight is not limited by the goggles, when Gru is supposedly transforming the audience into Minions, it's pretty obvious that nothing is really happening. Someone else commented on social media that the edges of the movie screen are also a lot more obvious.

    By the way, they are also now selling Secret Life of Pets merchandise in the exit shop, which I believe was exclusively Despicable Me previously. With the rapid construction progress on the new Secret Life of Pets ride on the former site of the Globe Theatre and the formal announcement by Universal about a month ago, there are also signs on the wall around the construction that promote the new ride opening in 2020.

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    I get why some are can see the outside of the screens more...but I'm happy. I dislike 3D on most attractions...Transformers being the exception
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