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my own idea for a haunted house for Halloween Horror Nights.


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  • my own idea for a haunted house for Halloween Horror Nights.

    After watching The Banana Splits horror movie on Syfy. I had an idea for a haunted house based on the concept.

    My Idea:

    You will take a tour inside a sound stage where a children TV show that stars cute animatronics anthropomorphic animals. However, When the show has been cancelled, the animatronic characters learned about it and started their killing spree. Can you safely escape?

    P.S. I'm not using the Banana Splits characters, nor the characters made for the movie. I'm using original characters.

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    Wow...this takes me back. It actually was an idea some kids told me about when I was a popcorn vendor 40 years ago. Their idea was "Disneyland Nightmare". The park would close, all the lights would be off (and I worked there during the black out...Disneyland in the dark is super uber duper creepy,) the characters would sport fangs, gore, zombies, etc. these kids went on and on...I think this was before "Knotts Scary Farm"...I thought it was hilarious at the time, but with world events today...hmmm...would have to "cute it up" somehow.


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      Have you been to KSF? They have a maze called Dark Ride you might enjoy. Also Wax Works. Both are different from your idea but share a similar theme.
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