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Universal Orlando scaling back during pandemic (Motley Fool on Aug. 15, 2020)


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  • [Orlando] Universal Orlando scaling back during pandemic (Motley Fool on Aug. 15, 2020)


    Opening up Central Florida's theme parks after months of inactivity wasn't easy. Scaling back operations now that demand is falling short of expectations will be even harder.

    Layoffs, shuttering less popular attractions, and shortening operating hours have been the steady diet of grim news that's been trickling in for the industry in recent weeks. The latest jab came on Friday afternoon when Comcast's...Universal Orlando informed guests with upcoming stays at two of its seven on-site resorts that the hotels will be temporarily suspending operations starting next week.

    Universal Orlando will be shutting down the Sapphire Falls and Aventura properties on Aug. 21. Existing bookings at the two hotels will shift to one of the other resorts that will remain open as Comcast consolidates its lodging operations...

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    I wonder if Universal will give hotel guests they move excellent deals at their more upscale hotels.

    WDW did that for us about 20+ years ago when a value resort didn't open on time and they let us stay at the AKL for just $10 more a night. If I remember correctly we were charged $89 a night instead of $79. A couple people at Disney told us it was the best deal they'd ever seen for the AKL.
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