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The Secret Life of Pets attractions opening in 2017??


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  • The Secret Life of Pets attractions opening in 2017??

    Rumors have started up earlier this week by OrlandoInformer of a brand new attraction opening in Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood for 2017. The rumors started up on the OI Forums and was then placed into the official site as a main topic. And since then, multiple insiders from the industry ranging from Parkscope, USHForums and OrlandoUnited have also confirmed that there are plans to start work for this.

    Based on the rumors, both parks will receive an E-Ticket Family Dark Ride based on the upcoming film being released in Summer 2016 with the ride system being a Trackless ride (very similar to Poohs Hunny Hunt/Mystic Manor) with multiple AA's and no Screen-Based Tehnology in the form of a giant screen but more practical sets.

    Thoughts on the rumor? If its true, are you even excited if it is? Comment Below!​

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    That is just one of my favorite cartoons


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      Is it just me, or does Universal open its attractions more quickly & intelligently
      than Disney does?

      (I'm just referring to Disney's American resorts, though Disneyland Paris took way too long to refurb Phantom Manor a few years ago.)

      When Disney opened Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, it lacked features that "Slow Bob" Chapek had boasted about that fans then expected. Fans were later disappointed when they weren't delivered.

      And Tron is taking forever at WDW, despite that it's a cloned attraction.

      They could've opened Ratatouille, also cloned, in EPCOT months ago, but are putting that way off.

      Universal, in contrast, seemed to almost deny that the potentially cool raptor coaster at Universal Orlando was even being built (wink wink nudge nudge) despite that there were big freakin' coaster hills guests could see.

      [Deleted an outdated sentence a year after I first shared this post.)

      . . . . Back to ranting about Disney's two Bobsie leaders:
      -- restaurant reservations SIX..#^@/!nG..months in advance?! (DO NOT..BRING THAT BACK!) That makes planning a trip to Disney World much more onerous in my opinion that visiting Europe.
      -- Ride reservations three #^@/!nG months in advance?!
      -- Resort parking fees,
      --$10 per person restaurant cancellation fees,
      --slow & insufficient busses making more stops than a bus crossing downtown Detroit,
      --no more Magical Express, etc.

      then I'll put off my next Florida visit till 2024 through 2028
      and it will be mainly to visit Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, and maybe spend 3 nights at WDW.

      ** Footnote! Correct, if guests are willing to pay any shocking price that Disney charges, one could argue that it is by definition not overpriced IN THE SHORT RUN. But charging as much as possible for many things could hurt the brand in the long run.
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        Full ride through of Secret Life of Pets - Off the Leash - 4k POV

        "And yes, we implore EVERYBODY to follow the park rules. Having off-ride footage is great, but any still photo's or video's taken ON the coasters at SFMM are strictly against the rules. They are there for your (and everybody's) safety." "Six Flags doesn't allow ANY loose articles on their coasters, and they don't allow video taping on their coasters. " BUT, "​ This is not true. Six Flags does not allow ANY On-Ride video or pictures on the rides. The ONLY way is if you get explicit permission from Park Management." ???


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          Originally posted by TacAlert View Post
          Full ride through of Secret Life of Pets - Off the Leash - 4k POV



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            I went on this last year, and thought it was like an outstanding Fantasyland, C-ticket dark ride. Funny and a refreshing lack of screens.


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