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The Secret Life of Pets attractions opening in 2017??


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  • The Secret Life of Pets attractions opening in 2017??

    Rumors have started up earlier this week by OrlandoInformer of a brand new attraction opening in Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood for 2017. The rumors started up on the OI Forums and was then placed into the official site as a main topic. And since then, multiple insiders from the industry ranging from Parkscope, USHForums and OrlandoUnited have also confirmed that there are plans to start work for this.

    Based on the rumors, both parks will receive an E-Ticket Family Dark Ride based on the upcoming film being released in Summer 2016 with the ride system being a Trackless ride (very similar to Poohs Hunny Hunt/Mystic Manor) with multiple AA's and no Screen-Based Tehnology in the form of a giant screen but more practical sets.

    Thoughts on the rumor? If its true, are you even excited if it is? Comment Below!‚Äč

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    That is just one of my favorite cartoons


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