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Hotel suggestion for Univ Studios Hollywood?


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  • Hotel suggestion for Univ Studios Hollywood?

    hi guys-returning after several years as my 18 year old son is graduating high school (yipee!) with a 4.0 and also his AA degree So he picked a trip to DCA for 5 days with a quick 1 day stop at Universal to see harry potter for his his graduation present. probably going to hit the 2nd week in august for a day at the beach and a day at universal-would really like a hotel that has a shuttle to universal (if its not walking distance-we are active so could definitely walk a mile no problem to get there) as parking looks like its $25, and also free continental breakfast (hey, 18 and a 16 year old...bottomless pits!). So, the wife and i have been searching online for a few hours, but figured i would check the forum as i value everyone's opinion on here rather than some blogger or newspaper ! Would like a nice clean place, but not fancy-it looks like most of the places charge for parking and we are driving, so thats why the shuttle thing or walking distance. Don't feel like paying $20 to park at the hotel and another $25 to park at the park (that will eat up our in-n-out budget!) Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated !
    ps-we have our stay at DCA all dialed in, so this would be a separate place just for the beach/Universal. we stay at the PP and its pretty spendy so we don't really want to spend the extra 2 days at the Pier at that price if that makes sense.

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    This thread which was about a dozen threads down from the new one you started. Have a nice trip!
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