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  • [Hollywood] Taste Of Universal -Report

    I didn’t see anyone else post on this so here goes. Last Sun 3/21 we did the Taste Of Universal event. Noon to 7:00PM. We arrived to park close to noon. There was a long wait to get inside and parked. It was reported online that parking was included. And I think the first weekend it was. BUT they changed their mind and we had to pay $10.00 to park. The socially distanced lines to get through security went pretty quickly. At the turnstiles they scanned our printouts and gave us a lanyard with our ticket that had 5 spots for foods. We got the brisket slider first at Hollywood & Dine. It was yummy. Then we went to the new Minion Cafe for chicken bacon ranch Mac & cheese and the hazelnut banana pudding. All good. We checked out the shops and walked around in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I brought my wand that I had bought 2 years ago but couldn’t make it do anything. The guy at the wand kiosk said they should check it out in Olivanders. But all day that line was long. So we never went there. We waited in a small line for the Three Broomsticks and had fish & chips and Shepard’s pie. Again, all were yummy. We walked around all over. The lower lot was not open. I was really disappointed that the Ice Cream shop in Springfield was closed. Previously they had THE BEST soft serve swirl ice cream. We had a really hard time finding ice cream. So we went back to the Three Broomsticks and got their butterbeer ice cream and sticky toffee pudding. Again, both were delish! We still had three food items left to get, so we picked up the giant pretzel(comes in a box), giant chocolate donut(in a box) and a Cesar salad to take home.

    I think we got a LOT of food for our money. And it was nice to get out and be in the park. We did the whole thing in 4 1/4 hours.

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    Glad you had a good time, I got there around 11 AM on a Sunday and no lines. With Universal/Disney events its a good idea to come early. We waited I think 15 mins at the longest for food and enjoyed walking around the park afterwards

    Not only did we have to pay for parking but then the next weekend they opened up the lower So not a fan of that and honestly if people have not got your money the parks are opening in two weeks.
    Happy Halloween!!!


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      Willing to wait two weeks more for the free parking Anyway, how was your experience there? What are the COVID safety protocols being practiced aside from wearing a mask.


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