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  • Full List of Gallery Multimedia

    Photos, telegrams, handwritten notes, artwork, comics, miniatures, figurines, personal belongings, paint, souvenirs... this is just a brief list of what you'll find inside the Walt Disney Family Museum.

    But what will enrich your visit (and be prepared for lots and lots of reading) are the multimedia exhibits that are scattered throughout the galleries. Below is a full list of what you'll find.

    Touch-Screen Exhibits are similar to an IPhone, you touch the screen and can either do games or watch clips or photos

    Audio means you lift a handset (almost like a phone, though its design will depend on the era you are in) and either automatically get connected to audio, or you push a buttom designating what you want to hear

    Screens come in all shapes and sizes and feature clips, footage, interviews, etc. relating to the gallery at hand.


    Touch-Screen Exhibit: Walt Disney's awards; browse through 900+ awards and their descriptions

    GALLERY 1a:

    Screen 1: "Chicago and Marceline" - Walt discusses his youthful experiences in these cities.

    Screen 2: "Kansas City and Chicago" - Walt discusses his years there.

    Screen 3: "France" - Walt discusses his teenage years with the Red Cross in France

    These narrations are presented with a vaudeville flair, using photos of Disney and his family in a cut-out, puppet fashion, reminiscent of those times.

    GALLERY 1b:

    Screen 1: Walt's early films; focused on personal subjects, like his family

    Screen 2: Similar footage as above, but with commentary by Walt's niece, Dorothy Pruder. Footage also includes camera tricks (such as exposure effects) that Walt did (often with himself in the role). Walt provides narration for these scenes.

    Screen 3: "The Origins of Animation"

    Screen 4: Walt discusses, in an interview, his early film experiments and work

    Screen 5: Laugh-O-Gram reel footage


    Step back in time aboard the Santa Fe Railroad, complete with picturesque window, red velvet curtains, and even narration by Walt himself as you go up.

    GALLERY 2a:

    Six Poster-Shaped Screens: Footage, photos, and posters from the 'Alice' comedies

    Hollywoodland Sign: 1920s footage taken around daily life and work in southern California

    Wall Screen 1: Cartoons of the era

    Wall Screen 2: Montage of 'Alice' clips and pictures

    Wall Screen 3: Montage of pictures of the Disneys, their animators, the 'Alice' series, in the studio, etc.

    Small Screen: Walt's family movies

    Audio: Alice Goes to Hollywood

    Audio: Recruiting More Animators

    GALLERY 2b:

    Interactive Game (up to 4 people): Match the appropriate sound effects (keeping time with the bouncing ball metronome) in a scene from 'Steamboat Willie.' Amongst the instruments you can use as drums, cymbils, and a xylophone.

    Big Screen: Walt discusses sound synchronization

    Small Screen 1: Home movies of the Disney and Bounds families
    Small Screen 2: Home movies of Roy's wedding; Lilly and Walt; the Disney and Francis (Roy's wife) families
    Small Screen 3: Home movies of Lilly's family; Walt and Lilly at their first ever home on Lyric Avenue; Elias and Flora's 30th anniversary

    Audio: "Starting Families"
    1) Roy on living with Walt
    2) Walt on meeting Lillian Bounds
    3) Walt on surprising Lilly with a puppy in a hatbox

    Oswald Screen: Clips from "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit"

    Audio/Video: "The Creation of Mickey Mouse"

    'Steamboat Willie' Frames: select frames display scenes from the movie.

    Touch-Screen Exhibit: Mickey Merchandise - browse (by type or year) early Mickey merchandise

    GALLERY 3:

    Large Screen: Walt discusses the Silly Symphonies, including the Skeleton Dance; diversifying after Mickey Mouse; and classical music

    Back of Large Screen: Silly Symphonies Clips

    Toy Blocks Screens: Donald, Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto clips (notice the M, D, G, P on the side of the blocks)

    Widescreen 1: The Ink and Paint Department

    Widescreen 2: Walt & team discuss and compose "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf"

    Widescreen 3: "The Old Mill"

    Audio: "The Ink and Paint Department"
    1) Dodie Roberts on working in Ink and Paint
    2) Betty Kimball on mixing paint

    Small Screen 1: Personal footage of Walt and Lilly skiing; Rod and Edna on a boat; etc.

    Small Screen 2: 'A Day in the Life of Diane Marie' - home videos of baby and toddler Diane, and a pre-school aged Diane with baby Sharon

    Rising Stars Screen: clips from "Mickey's Gala Premier"

    Ugly Ducklings Screen: top screen shows an earlier, black-and-white 'Ugly Duckling,' while the one below shows a newer version in color.

    Audio: "Walt and Roy relate the story of Walt's meeting with Pat Powers, and his devious actions two years later."

    GALLERY 4:

    Big Screen: Walt discusses how he came to 'Snow White' and feature-length films

    Hyperion Studios Screen: clips around the studio (including the sound stage, vacant lot, and patio), animators working and relaxing, etc.

    Widescreen: Walt discusses keeping his artists in school; 'Bambi' clips, etc.

    Touch-Screen Exhibit (x3): "Working with Walt" -- read and watch interviews with various animators as they relate working with Walt

    Small Screen: Personal footage regarding Walt's love for polo

    Moviola -- crank the dial and watch a scene unfold

    Touch-Screen Exhibit (x4) - as you watch Disney discuss music on the screen in the center, you have a choice of four games on the monitor in front of you:
    1) Step in Time (tempo) - choose the appropriate speed of music for the scene at hand
    2) Fun With Music (mood) - choose which Disney scene the music playing best fits
    3) How Do You Do (theme)
    4) With a Smile and a Song (words set to music)

    Widescreen: Storyboarding and Snow White; animators discuss the film

    Small screen: Footage of 'Snow White' premiere at Carthay theater

    Audio: "The Risks of Snow White"
    1) Walt on banker Joe rosenberg
    2) Walt on getting credit
    3) Roy on the Price in Snow White

    GALLERY 5:

    Big Screen: Staff recalls how it was working with Walt; the history of the studio

    Small screen: Home movies of Sharon (age 2-4) and Diane (age 4-7) and their families. The girls pick fruit with their mother, play outside their house, ride horses, etc.

    Wall Blocks: Turn the blocks to learn more about key members of Walt's studio team; each side features either their name and brief bio; photo; and artwork.

    Widescreen: Animal anatomy; footage of animators drawing live animals brought into the studio

    Audio: "Burbank"
    1) Betty Kimball on the Ink and Paint Department
    2) Joe Grant on Walt after hours at the studio
    3) Mel Shaw on Bambi
    4) Ruthie Tompson on working with Walt

    Drawing Table Screen: Pinocchio

    Audio: "Bambi and Pinocchio"
    1) Ollie Johnston on Bambi's character development
    2) Mel Shaw on Bambi and working with live animals
    3) Joe Grant on Pinocchio story conferences
    4) Ward Kimball on developing Jiminy Cricket

    Big Screen: Discussion and clips of 'Fantasia'

    Touch-screen Exhibit: Herman Schultheis's notebook of special effects in Pinocchio, Fantasia, and other films. This original book is displayed next to this exhibit, but the screen allows you to browse through all the pages and zoom in

    Audio/Video: Walt discusses the multi-plane camera; lift the handset to hear audio from the nearby flatscreen TV displaying footage of Walt demonstrating the multi-plane camera. You will actually be standing right in front of the top of an actual multi-plane camera, which descends down into the gift shop below.

    GALLERY 6:

    Big Screen: Disney studio on strike

    Audio: "The Strike"
    1) Alice Davis on working at the studio during the strike
    2) Bob Broughton on working at the studio during the strike
    3) Grace Codino on Walt's speech to the staff
    4) Joe Grant on the strike

    Widescreen: Feature on the Goodwill Tour of South America, clips from Saludos Amigos, etc.

    Audio: "South America"
    1) Herb Ryman on Walt as Goodwill Ambassador
    2) Herb Ryman on Walt in South America
    3) Frank Thomas on Walt in South America

    Widescreen 2: Making Dumbo; clips and drawings

    Audio: "Bank of America"
    1) Roy on meeting with Bank of America
    2) Roy on calling Joe Rosenberg to talk some sense into Walt

    Various poster-shaped screens: War propoganda footage and cartoons

    Audio: Walt's testimony at the HUAC committee

    GALLERY 7a:

    Ribbon Screens: Musical clips ('We Are Siamese,' 'So This Is Love,' 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,' etc.), footage (from films, Peggy Lee singing, etc.), artwork, from various Disney films of the post-war period

    Touch-screen Interactive Exhibits: Browse through dozens of categories (various films, characters, Walt on set or traveling, storyboards, artwork, etc.) related to post-war Disney films; each category will feature tons more artwork, audio, or video you can further learn about on the screen in front of you

    GALLERY 7b:

    Small Screen 1: Home movies, teenage Diane and Sharon around their Carolwood Dr. home, swimming

    Small Screen 2: Home movies, trips to the Alps, France

    Small Screen 3: Home movies, trips to Italy and Ireland

    (Note: small screen 1, on the very left of the wall, features Diane and Sharon as younger teenagers, and with each next screen they get older)

    GALLERY 8:

    All screens: 'True Life Adventure' clips

    (Note: look to your left for the panaromic view of the Golden Gate Bridge!)

    GALLERY 9:

    Widescreen (x2): Walt's Carolwood home railroad

    Overheard TVs: 'Disneyland' progress report; One Hour in Wonderland; Walt Disney productions

    Transportation Screens: The New Tomorrowland -- Peoplemover, Monorail, and more

    Small Screen: Walt and grandchildren at Disneyland

    Audio: "WED"
    1) Imagineer Sam McKim on Walt as an actor
    2) Dick Nunis, President of Disney Resorts, on Disneyland
    3) Imagineer John Hench on Walt at Disneyland
    4) Imagineer Nanette Latchford on working with Walt
    5) Imagineer Bob Gurr on Walt's curiosity
    6) Imagineer Bill Evans on Walt's memory
    7) Imagineer Harriet Burns on working at WED
    8) Imagineer Rolly Crump on Walt and WED

    Vintage TVs: Footage from the 'Disneyland' series (Mickey Mouse club, Davy Crockett, Donald Duck shorts, etc.)

    Disneyland Model:
    -The following attractions move: Dumbo, King Arthur's Caroussel, Mad Tea Party, Rocket Jets, It's a Small World; Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Haunted Mansion, and a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean light up; notice the tumbling boulders of the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland; every few minutes the lights dim and Disneyland lights up like it does at night

    4 Poster Screens: clips from live action films such as Third Man on the Mountain, Johnny Tremain, Old Yeller, Those Callaways, and more

    Small Screen: Footage of Walt at 1960 Winter Olympics

    Audio/Video: Creation of the Illinois Pavilion

    Screen: Walt discusses Epcot

    Globe Screen: Footage from 1964 New York World's Fair

    Small Screens Around Disneyland Model: 'Disneyland '59,' a tour of the park, Tiki Room, Pirates, etc.

    Screen: Walt discusses the Carousel of Progress; sings with Shermans at piano

    Audio: "Walt at World's Fair"
    1) Walt's tour of the Ford Magic Skyway
    2) Walt's introduction to It's a Small World

    Screen: Discussion and footage from 'Mary Poppins' and its premiere

    Audio/Video/Exhibit: Optical Printer. View a real life optical printer while watching clips demonstrating it

    Small Screens (x3): Home movies, Canada trip 1966.

    Audio: Walt's Showman of the World Speech, 10/1/66

    Three Screens: The Mineral King Project

    GALLERY 10:

    TV Screen: News footage announcing Walt's passing

    Audio: "Colleagues and Friends Recall Hearing the News of Walt's Passing"
    1) Bob Broughton, camera operator and camera effects artists
    2) Harriet Burns, Imagineer
    3) AJ Carothers, screenwriter
    4) Rolly Crump, Imagineer
    5) Marc Davis, Imagineer and animator
    6) Buddy Ebsen, actor
    7) Norman 'Stormy' Palmer, film editor
    8) Glenn Puder, husband of Walt's niece Dorothy Disney
    9) Cicely Rigdon, Disneyland Guest Relations
    10) Mel Shaw, animator/artist
    11) Robert Sherman, songwriter
    12) Card Walker, studio executive


    Wall-to-wall screens with photos and footage highlighting Walt's entire career (his childhood, family, films, Disneyland, etc.), interspersed with quotes from those who knew him

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