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South of the Border update + a few surprises


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  • South of the Border update + a few surprises

    Today I went to the 2nd of 3 South of the Border events at the WDFM. From 1-3 author/historian JB Kaufman was on hand to sign his new book "South of the Border with Disney."

    This is a very comprehensive, in-depth, detailed book about El Grupo's goodwill tour to South America, from which came Saludos Amigos, Three Caballeros, and Mary Blair's artistic inspiration for years to come. I've come to appreciate these films much more now that I know their backgrounds.

    Before The Three Caballeros began, JB did a little talk about the film and his book. Afterwards, there was a Q&A in which he discussed such topics as: the structure of the film compared to Saludos Amigos; the aracuan bird; public and critical reactions to the film; artistic aspects of the film; and more.

    I'll be on hand tomorrow for the final part of the weekend, the screening of Saludos Amigos, and I'll write about that shortly after here.


    And exclusively for you guys, here's a peek at what may be coming next to the museum. Keep in mind that nothing is confirmed, this is only what I hear.

    -Though I don't know his name, there was apparently someone who did maps and other artistic things for films like Peter Pan, and these may go on display sometime early next year; likewise, next year's screenings may include Peter Pan or 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    -Though the exhibits are permanent galleries, every six months or so certain pieces may be rotated or exchanged with new displays, so as to keep the museum fresh and to preserve the delicacy of the artifacts.

    -In case you missed the El Group documentary yesterday, it will open Friday at the Metreon in downtown San Francisco.

    -The 12/5 (Walt's birthday) event featuring a host of Disney legends is close to selling out; less then 35 tickets left I believe. Be sure to get yours soon if you're thinking about attending.
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    Re: South of the Border update + a few surprises

    The Saludos Amigos presentation was more in-depth and interesting than the Three Caballeros Q&A. This time, JB was joined by filmmaker Ted Thomas (his companion, I forgot her name), who made the documentary Walt and El Grupo, which opened this past Friday at the Metreon in SF.

    Both did a slideshow about the film, which went over each member of El Grupo, their role on the tour, and then later how the filmmakers met up with descendants of people who met with El Grupo and recounted their tales. It was then that I realized that Ted Thomas is the son of Frank Thomas, who accompanied Walt on the trip.

    Following the film there was another Q&A in which they discussed, amongst other things, Mary Blair, politics, and comparisons between Saludos and Caballeros.


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