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On the 2013-2014 Armed Forces Salute Watch!!!

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  • On the 2013-2014 Armed Forces Salute Watch!!!

    I have been blessed over the past few years to have been able to use the amazing Armed Forces Salute discount. We have been able to take some amazing vacations that we might not have otherwise because the discounts gave us the ability to upgrade our stays.

    I, for one, am incredibly thankful to Disney for offering such an amazing opportunity for us military Disney families. It certainly makes those deployments a little easier knowing that when my DH comes home, we can go off to Disney.

    So, I am anxiously waiting for the 2014 rates to be released and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for word on whether the discount will be renewed. I have been stalking the Military Disney tips website (which is run by an AMAZING Dis'er SteveTLT) hoping for a renewal. Last year we didn't hear until August. I'm hoping for earlier this year, one way or another.

    Anyone waiting with me???

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