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Universal meet in 2010!


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  • Universal meet in 2010!

    I'm still monstered out from the excellent night at Knott's Scary Farm.
    (Thanks again, Fishbulb/Norm!)
    But I've been intrigued by articles about Universal, and reports from my high school students who said Universal was scarier than Knott's.

    I don't expect anyone to commit over 340 days in advance,
    but is anyone interested in a Micechat meeting at Universal in 2010?

    Is there an early entry option for Universal's Halloween party?

    Hey, Fishbulb, are you up for this?

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    Re: Universal meet in 2010!

    My husband and I are ready to go! I'd love a Universal meet in addition to The Haunt. I've been curious about Universal too, I read a bad review in the L.A. Times for their first try but it sounds liked they've made many improvements over the past couple of years. Count us in.


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      FYI: at the risk of being viewed as a celebrity name dropper, Fishbulb himself :yea: sent me a PRIVATE message and will be making an exploratory expedition to Universal on Oc. 28, 2009, to determine the feasibility of a 2010 Micechat trip.


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        Re: Universal meet in 2010!

        woo hoo. What is a private message and how do you send one? I'm technologicaly challenged.


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          Re: Universal meet in 2010!

          Originally posted by weeble View Post
          woo hoo. What is a private message and how do you send one? I'm technologicaly challenged.
          First you must purify your soul. Then click on the person's big name to the left of his message. Then follow the steps.
          OK, I don't know the best way either.
          --Fellow Technophobe


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            Re: Universal meet in 2010!

            lol, that made my day, sad that I'm so easily amused, its also sad that I'm comforted by the knowledge that there are others as tech challenged as me.

            Duh, I forgot to ask when you recieve a pm where does it show up and how do you find it?


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              Re: Universal meet in 2010!

              I just got a private, highly personal message from Fishbulb himself and now I'm going to share it all with the world, and then I'll read between the lines and discuss what I think he REALLY meant and how this could impact your lives:

              "Universal was amazing. Lots of fun. It seems very possible there will be a meet there next year, but it will come with some warnings. To begin with, this is not at all a "family friendly" event. Where you could call Knott's a strong PG13 event this is a solid R. Secondly it is more expensive. The VIP experience we get for a total of $60.00 at Knott's would cost us about $150 at Universal. Lastly, the event feels a lot more crowded because it is in a more dense layout. Some of the mazes reach 2 hour waits on busier nights. Last night was a pretty mellow night and one maze still reached an hour wait.

              It will take a bit of planning and feeling things out. It won't be perfect, but I feel like it could be a lot of fun.

              I do not want to pay $150 unless I make about three million before September of 2010. I do hope we have a Micechat Universal Halloween Meet in 2010! I'd prefer an earlier weekend since the maze lines get extremely long.


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                On another website, Bluebayou posted this advice about Universal's Halloween event:

                ". . .you already did one very smart thing and bought express tickets. HHN has been extremely busy this year. I have a few suggestions for you:

                1. Get to the gates by about 5:50/6:00.. they usually start letting people in around then.

                2. Go to the soundstage houses (Wolfman, Frankenstein and Dracula) immediately. Wait in the regular lines at first and use your express later. I always see people wasting express pass when there is a 10 minute standby line. Wait in that line and then use express when those lines are 30+ mins. This way when you want to repeat those 3 houses later, they are still valid on your express pass. Same goes for Leave it to Cleaver.

                3. Hold off the two shows until the END of the night. They are usually less crowded and by then your feet will be tired. Unless you are going on Saturday, in which case do the 2nd or 3rd show of Bill & Ted as the last show of the event is JAM PACKED

                What are express passes and how much do they cost?

                Another advice from Universal vets?

                Not that I will pay $150 for the VIP passes, but what does one get for Universal's $150 Halloween passes?


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                  Re: Universal meet in 2010!

                  I'm going by memory on the VIP package so don't quote me on this.

                  The VIP package is a fully escorted tour the entire evening for 14 or less people, includes:

                  Front of the line entrance to all mazes, rides and shows with reserved seating for the shows.

                  A private vehicle for the terror tram, and an eclusive tour of the back lot. ( which is not available to other guests )

                  Separate entrance and a VIP lounge.

                  Valet parking.

                  We really had a lot fun and the mazes really felt as if you were walking into the movie. There were only 4 mazes and 1 of them is up year round with a re-theme for Halloween and the Terror Tram but, they were awesome and the Rocky Horror Tribute was outstanding. I can't wait to go again next year! I hope you can make it.


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                    Re: Universal meet in 2010!

                    Thanks! It's only 9 months away!
                    A friend of mine said that the Tiki portion of the 5th Anniv. meet was great.
                    So maybe after Universal in Oct., there could be Disney fan meets at a DMV, the Museum of Tolerance, and Korea's DMZ! Maybe not. I guess a Haunted Theme park is about as unperky as a Disney Fan meet should be.


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