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David Frankham (Sgt. Tibs, 101 Dalmatians) visiting DL 6/19,20


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  • David Frankham (Sgt. Tibs, 101 Dalmatians) visiting DL 6/19,20

    Hello, all,

    I just wanted to post again as the time approaches ...

    As I wrote in the post below (see that for more details) ... I will be accompanying David on a roadtrip to Southern CA this weekend, and we'll be going to Disneyland for a few days. The plan is still to leave New Mexico this Friday (June 18th), arriving in Anaheim Saturday morning.

    David loves talking to Disney and Dalmatians fans, and if anyone would like to meet him too -- (and hear stories about working with Walt, or recording Dalmatians under the direction of Woolie Reitherman, etc.) -- we will be sitting at the hub, in front of Walt and Mickey, at around 1:00 on Saturday. (Well, let's say somewhere between 1 and 2, to give us some flex time in case any delays happen in arriving.)

    Then -- thanks to yoyoflamingo's suggestion -- we'll be at the hub again at noon on Sunday the 20th -- to coincide with the usual MiceChat meet.

    (I'm going to make him wear his Sgt. Tibbs pin to be easily recognizable!)

    Sound good? Hope to see you there!

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    Re: David Frankham (Sgt. Tibs, 101 Dalmatians) visiting DL 6/19,20

    Wish we could be there tomorrow! Hope lots of MC and Disney fans go out to meet David!
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