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July 4th


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  • July 4th

    would anyone like to meet up on july fourth? i will be there at the hub at 12 noon.

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    Re: July 4th

    Myself and Imag1ineer were at the Parks all day yesterday. At the noon meet the only other member we saw was Forbidden Eye. The three of us sat on the usual bench and waited untill 12:30 and saw no one from Mice Chat in the area. It was a very strange experience to see no one else there on the 4th. Forbidden Eye had to get over to Space Mountain to use his Fast Pass and Imag1neer and myself went over to DCA to have lunch and wait for the WOC Showpasses for the 11:15 show to open. We were going to watch the fireworks from Main Street but by 8pm the place was super crowded and every available space was taken by people camping out. We left and went back over to DCA and watched the fireworks from under the bridge. Great view just could not hear the music but that was OK. At least we were fairly uncrowded and then we just waited around for the late show of WOC. Got right in, more or less, and found good spot in the Blue Area right in the center just in front of the Play Fountain. This is the second viewing for me with the first being front row center on Father's Day and getting soaked. This area kept us splash free and also provided a wide viewing of the entire show. The mist screen images looked much sharper from back there and I love the show more this time around. A few needed tweaks and it will be the best show around. It's great right now and the General Public that doesn't read the boards or much of anything else just loves this show. You can tell by the tremendous cheering and applause at the end. By The Way if you haven't seen the show yet, wait after the "end" of the show and as best as you can move down toward the front and watch the post show. I think you really pay attention you will hear a wonderful ending statement to the show and you will see little squirt take his bow at the very end. So darn cool. We were acting like a couple of kids when that simple little thing happened. I really do love this show.
    Peter Pan Forever!!! I Will Never Grow Up.

    Thank You Poisonedapples


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