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Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS


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  • Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS


    It all starts with a plate of spaghetti . . . . .

    They were strong to the finish because they ate their dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in Anaheim the night before the big event. IndianaJenn organized the big Carb Loading Pasta Party where teams and staff got together to eat and party. Circarama unveiled the 1st place trophy that the teams would be playing for the next day.

    Monorail Man prays that his game show is ready for Saturday night

    We met friends new

    and old

    The 1st place Trophy
    (with built in Olszewski).


    Gumball Rally day began bright and early at 6am (5am for our staff) on Saturday, May 19th at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. Registering teams were greeted by the friendly MiceChat staff. Each team was given their own lanyards, event rules, and were then asked to pose for team pictures.

    The doors to the ESPNZone were opened at 6:45 and teams were welcomed in for breakfast. Coffee, orange juice, teas and water were set up in the lobby and each player was given their breakfast ticket. The players took a seat in one of the two main dining rooms and chowed down on yummy breakfast burritos made especially for the event (complete with ESPN Zone's famous bacon).

    Dustysage then addressed all of the team captains and explained the rules of the game to them. Once it was all clear, the game books were handed out and the teams waited to be let loose. Just after 8am, the teams burst out of the gate and were allowed to either wait for the Monorail or make their way through Downtown Disney to begin at Disneyland's front gate.

    The game was all to see how many rides a team could complete between 8am and 8pm. Teams were each given a game book that had a question for most of the attractions in the park. The questions were designed to simply verify if a team experienced an attraction or not. Each attraction is given a point value based on the length of the ride and average wait time. Thus, quick rides have a lower point value than ones which consume more time (for example, Nemo is a high point value ride).

    Team It Doesn't Matterhorn, winner Team Spirit Award

    All ages had fun playing the game.

    It was a good idea to read the questions and understand
    them before boarding an attraction.

    Rally evangelists, Safety Third, were back for the race.

    Glasses and a fedora aren't just Rally fashion statements, they help keep you cool and prevent sunburn.

    Tutus don't hurt either. They helped these returning Rally veterans sashay to a top 10 finish

    All of the teams we ran into were smiling and having a great time!


    Team ATAK in line at Alice.

    Some of the team costumes and flourishes were awesome.

    They look great don't they!

    This team spent their 10th anniversary with us at the Rally!

    Teams were able to ride attractions that they'd probably miss on a regular day (Like Gadget's Go Coaster).

    Apparently Stitch happens.

    Fast Passes are okay to use. But single rider, child switch and special assistance aren't.

    Entourage of Oz still happy, even after Winnie the Pooh

    The Teams had to make it to the finish line by 8pm, located at the picnic area just outside the security tents. Only one team was late and all returned with HUGE smiles. They were directed to the Howard Johnson Anaheim resort, where the awards party would begin at 8pm. Monorail Man entertained the guests with a brilliant game show called, Let's Mice a Deal as the results were tabulated. Then, just after Disneyland Fireworks, the results were announced.

    All sat eager to hear who won.

    And the winners of Gumball Rally 2012 are:

    Best Team Name • Dumbo and Dumboer

    Team Spirit • It Doesn't Matterhorn

    BEST TEAM LOGO • The Ancient Cambodian Shriners

    10th Place • The Disney Mountaineers • Score 86

    Michael Brill , Jeff Brill, John Warnken-Brill, Anna Warnken-Brill

    9th Place • Really Bad Eggs • 86
    Danielle Loiodice, Matt Loiodice

    8th Place • Slice of Mice • Score 87
    Vanessa & Mike

    7th Place • The Big Bangs Theory
    Susie Brogan, Rachel Brogan

    6th Place • Cool Runnings • Score 88
    Katie Wakayama, Janae Mack

    5th Place • Quack Attack • Score 88
    Michael Suchowierski, Nicole Suchowierski

    4th Place • Gumballerinas • Score - 89
    LeAnn Foss, Raechel Foss

    3rd Place • The AvengEARS • Score - 89
    Jose Vasquez, Ingrid Hallgrimson, John Dusenberry, Liz Dusenberry

    2nd place • Cinderella's Mice • Score - 92

    Jackie Becerra, Gus Becerra

    1st place • Natural Born Killers • Score - 94

    Jon Autopsy, Candice Catron

    The Top 50 Teams (we do not record scores beyond 50th place)

    11th Place • Sister Swag

    12th Place • Main Attraction

    13th Place • Vinyl Chasers

    14th Place • Gumball Rally Birthday Party

    15th Place • Mushu's Merciless Mercenaries

    16th Place • Rescue Rangers

    17th Place • Powered by Pixie Dust

    18th Place • Entourage of Oz

    19th Place • yung&reckle$$

    20th Place • Til Death

    21st Place • Cool Pizza

    22nd Place • The Docious-Ali-Expi-Listic…Lost Safari Duo

    23rd Place • The Wildest Riders in the Wilderness

    24th Place • Main Street Micyclists

    25th Place • Great Moments with Babe-raham Lincolns

    26th Place • Big Green Quack Machine

    27th Place • All Heart

    28th Place • Fantastic Two

    29th Place • The Rebel Spies

    30th Place • Riders of the Lost Park

    31st Place • Indiana Janes

    32nd Place • Team Eeyore: We Aren't Going to Win

    33rd Place • Driver, your turn's clear…Beep! Beep!

    34th Place • Team Angry Eyes

    35th Place • Dumbo's Dashers

    36th Place • Team Bad

    37th Place • Belle Lugosi

    38th Place • Where's Kuzcochick?

    39th Place • Rex's Midnight Runners

    40th Place • Balrogs of Moria!

    41st Place • Safety Third 3

    42nd Place • Team Pascal

    43rd Place • Mousenators

    44th Place • Raiders of the Lost Pin Traders

    45th Place • Ritual Addictions

    46th Place • The Newsmakers 4S

    47th Place • ATAK!

    48th Place • Debbie was sick, so the union sent us

    49th Place • Safety Third 1

    50th Place • Forbidden Eyes


    The next morning, after a much needed rest, MiceChat staff and many of the teams of the Gumball Rally all gathered at the central hub of Disneyland to congratulate one another and begin a long goodbye process. But Dustysage and IndianaJenn had more surprises in store. There were prizes to be given away! A drawing was held and after giving away the books The Sixth Key by Haunt veteran Jeff Tucker, The Short Death of Phineas Bean by Haunt Designer Daniel Miller, and Hidden Mickey Adventures in Disneyland by Nancy Rodrigue (the books will soon be available in our store) - Dusty broke out the big prizes. As Dusty called out the numbers to the crowd, Indiana Jenn gave a way a two night stay at the Anabella Hotel, AND a two night stay at the Carrousel Inn and Suites.

    After running around for 12 hours in the heat on Saturday, they are still smiling (and claim they'll even come back next year for more punishment!)

    The Mega Meet just happened to fall on Bats Day. Some of our attendees dressed up for the occasion.

    And we grabbed one last group photo to cap off the festivities

    It was an amazing weekend and one that we will never forget. 500 participants, 130 staff, and endless supporters online helped make this our most amazing event ever. We'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this our very best Gumball Rally. We couldn't do this event without all the wonderful volunteers like Al Lutz, Circarama, Demigod, Dustysage, Fishbulb, Grumpy4, Indiana Jenn, Mamabot, MickeyMaxx, Monorail Man, Rixter, ESPN Zone, Howard Johnson Anaheim Resort, Fairy Godmother Travel, Knott's Berry Farm, The Discovery Science Center, The Anabella Hotel, The Carousel Inn and Suites . . . and SOOOOOO many other important folks, sponsors, supporters and volunteers. But most of all . . . we'd like to thank YOU. Without you, none of this would matter. Thank you for your support!

    Event Directors:
    Staffing, Spotters and Registration - Michele Kersteins
    Parties, Prizes and Sponsor Relations - Jennifer O'Brien
    Game Show "Let's Mice A Deal" - Hastin Zylstra
    Art Direction - Norman Gidney
    Rally Questions - Kimber Craig
    Marketing - Jeff Gordon
    Trophy Design and Construction - Charlie Arnold

    Event Producer
    - Dustysage

    • Mr. Sage's Personal Assistant - Gregg Condon
    • Parking Assistance - Joshua Morris
    • Registration - Tiffany Wilhelm, Troy Parson, Kelly, Ben Ragunton, Keith Lane, Kimber Craig, Kristi Condon, Susie Predergast, Tina Joplin
    • Photographers - Michael Wada, Matt Jergens, Alan Kawartani, Matt Hamand
    • Wranglers - Scott Linder, Mary Reale, Maria Garza, Gregg Condon, Lu Delucey
    • Support Staff - Lori Beth Carson, Susie Prendergast, Kristi Condon, Joanne Cohen, Troy Parsons, Matt Jergens, Aaron Green, Henry Payan, Al Lutz, Jeff Carson, Jeff Heimbuch, Trevor Demerse
    • Spotter Management Scott Linder
    • Spotter Care Crew - Michelle Hamand, Scott Linder, Gwen Dreyer, Matt Hamand
    • Spotters - Thank you to the huge team of spotters who gave up a day to help us run this event. You are all spectacular!
    • Event Photographers - Michael Wada, Matt Jergens, Alan Kawartani
    • Scoring Team & Question Testers - Matt Jergens, Michelle Hamand, Matt Hamand, Gwen Dreyer, Melissa Parson, Troy Parsons, Kimber Craig, Kristi Condon, Tiffany Wilhelm
    • Welcome Crew - Rick Wright, Lu Delucy, Matt Hamand, Kelly Gold, Jeff Gordon
    • Food Truck Squad - Jeffrey Niederauer, Troy Parsons


    Fairy Godmother Travel, ESPN Zone, Howard Johnson Anaheim Resort, Knott's Berry Farm, Discovery Science Center, Anabella hotel, Carousel Inn and Suites

    UPCOMING EVENTS: But before you get too sad about the end of a wonderful event, we have lots of big events coming right up for you to take part in:

    • [*=left]Bob Gurr book signing and luncheon - June 30th. Books will be available in the MiceChat store soon! Please sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for more information about this fantastic event.

      [*=left]MiceChat Fall Cruise September 10th through 16th (Vancouver to Los Angeles aboard the Disney Magic) including an epic event at the Walt Disney Family Museum AND a Napa and Sonoma winery tour (with a Disney twist of course).

      [*=left]Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt Event September 22nd. Save the day to celebrate 40 years of Knott's haunts! Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for more info.

      [*=left]Epcot 30th Anniversary Event September 29th. We've rented out a private room above the Norway Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase to celebrate the amazing park. There will be a short scavenger hunt, live taping of Communicore Weekly, Meet with the original Dreamfinder, dessert reception, viewing of Illuminations, AND we'll have the 'last ride of the night' at a special Epcot attraction. It's a dream event at a tiny price.

      [*=left]Winter MiceQuest - You love the Gumball Rally, now experience a whole new way to explore the parks as we present our 2nd MiceQuest in November. Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for more info.

      [*=left]Knott's Berry Farm Half Rally - Experience Knott's as never before as we take our Gumballs on the road! Round 'em up because the gumballs are set to ride through the wild wild west! Event date and details will be announced in Fall 2012. Please sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for more information.

      [*=left]MiceAge 10th anniversary January 25th - 27th. Normally, we celebrate the MiceChat anniversary in January, but this year, we are paying tribute to Al Lutz and MiceAge on their 10th anniversary. We want this to be our biggest celebration ever. Let's come out in force to support the real unsung hero of the Disney fan community, Al Lutz. He's always there fighting for us, it's time we all stand up and show him how much he's appreciated. A huge list of meets and events will be announced this Fall. But save the date now, you won't want to miss this. Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for more information.
      [*=left]Disneyland Resort Gumball Rally - June 2013 (date will be announced soon). The ultimate fan event will return with some huge surprises in a race you simply won't want to miss. We are bursting at the seams trying to hold this secret in! Sign up for our Newsletters and stay tuned for more information!

    Remember, being a member of MiceChat is free. We do all of this with volunteers and with your kind support of our events. If you've enjoyed the Gumball Rally and look forward to our upcoming events, please share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever sites you visit. When you see articles on MiceChat and MiceAge you like, share them. When you see an event or book we are selling that catches your interest, share. In short, we live and die by your kindness. We've got a big year planned in celebration of MiceAge's 10th anniversary, we hope you like the lineup. Thank you for your support, you are absolutely the best community of folks anywhere! We couldn't be luckier.

    Until next time, may all your days be magic and your dreams filled with gumballs. Roll baby roll . . .

    -Dusty and the amazing MiceChat Crew


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    Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

    Wooow!!!..Micechat rooocks!, I can see by the pictures and the happy faces on them that it was a great event...As I said in a previous post, I'm sure I will be in a Gumball rally soon (perhaps 2013 ....who wanna team up???)..

    And what a lineup of upcoming events!!!...It is great to be part of this magical and wonderful online community. Sure I'll be in at least one of them.

    If you can dream it, you can Do it - Walt Disney


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      Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

      Wow, not even in the top 50, eh?

      I think we should re-name our team "Is It Time To Retire Yet?"


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        Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

        45th place! We met our humble goal of the top 50, it's top 10 next year.


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          Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

          41? WooHoo! We may not have won, but we beat the little whipper snappers we brought with us, and they were so smug...muahahaha, they will never live it down:-)


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            Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

            25th place is not too shabby, considering one of the Babe-rahams was sick so the union sent Dad instead!


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              Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

              We need to give a HUGE shout out to our shirt designer, Jeff! GO JEFF!!!!! He's just incredibly talented and one of the biggest Disney fans I know.

              Thank you, organizers! We had a great, great time. It was our first year so we had no idea what we were in for and turns out we were in for a whole lot of fun. Thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome.

              Next year, the Ancient Cambodian Shriners shall place!!!!!!


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                Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

                30th! ....... For Our 1st time? ..... ROCK N ROLL! ....
                Next Year we KNOW what to do...... More Caffeine!

                LESS POTTY BREAKS .... lol!


                Keep us Posted for WHICH of you all are GOING
                JUNE 11 TH to CARSLAND... then Opening June 15?!

                I call for A REUNION ALREADY!
                :thumbup:"Ready to help CREATE and HONOR the MAGIC!..... "


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                  Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

                  Woohoo 23rd place! The Wildest Riders are definitely happy with that! We made some huge rookie mistakes but we are aiming up! Can't wait for next year! Thanks again to the amazing micechat crew we had a blast!


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                    Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

                    For so many reasons, this was the absolute best Gumball Rally ever! From the planning to the last award being handed out (yay for Jon & Candice!), I was reminded why those of us behind the scenes work so hard to produce a top notch event for our teams each year.

                    I have a lot of people I would like to thank.

                    To the Core staff: We so totally rock! This was the finesse year. All the efforts of past events has led us to be able to make the work that goes into the event look (and feel) effortless.

                    To the Registration Committee: Tinkermonkey, Princess626, Gambear. Thank you so much for helping to ensure that all teams had the information they needed before the event. I would not have been able to run that part without your help, especially in the final stretch when I needed help the most.

                    To the Spotter Crew: Demigod, for helping to ensure that the schedule was planned perfectly, even when you were thrown a curveball a week and a half before the event. Princess626 for being able to handle anything thrown at her, as well as the encouragement along the way. Michelle and Gwen, for making sure that the Spotters were all trained, had breakfast before being sent off into the park, and for ensuring that they had special treats to get them through the day. To everyone in the group who helped to proof all the materials.

                    To all of the Spotters: You know who you are. Your thank you cards are coming soon. (Due to the vast number of Spotters, it is difficult to list all of them here.)

                    To Circarama for coming up with the crazy idea!

                    To Monorail Man: For the awesome job on the game show! So incredibly cool!

                    To IndianaJenn: You are the best partner in crime ever! Thank you for making me feel special. I love you!

                    To Fishbulb: Thank you for all the encouragement. It means more than I could ever express in words.

                    To Dusty: Thank you for entrusting my jobs to me and for allowing me to be a part of this event year after year.

                    To my family: My mom and kids (Gambear, Beaubot, Alibot) all put up with all the hours I had to be tucked away working instead of cooking and cleaning.

                    A very special thank you to Minkertonkey. Our friendship was forged because of the Gumball Rally. I was so incredibly grateful that you were by my side throughout the planning process this year. I would not have been able to do it this year without your hard work. Remember, we have that new rule. :meet:

                    Lastly, I would like to thank the teams. The energy level of everyone I talked to before the event, during the Pasta Party, and the day of the Rally helped remind me why we all put the hard work into making this event so magical. Being a part of a team that creates a unique day of joy for people who have such a passionate love for Disneyland is an honor.

                    (Speaking of honors, a big thank you to the Ancient Cambodian Shriners for honor of my tattoo being a source of inspiration for the bejeweled gumball machines on your fezzes. I felt like a rock star when you told me!)
                    Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
                    I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

                    May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

                    NO GOATS!


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                      Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

                      Originally posted by Dustysage View Post
                      DID YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME?

                      Also, the day after the Rally, team It Doesn't Matterhorn ended up talking to a Cast Member in Guest Relations, and (naturally) got to talking about the Rally. He asked us how many attractions we got in, and was quite impressed with our 34. He then asked us to guess how many attractions people normally do in an average day at the park.

                      According to Guest Relations statistics, the average park guest gets in 9 to 11 attractions in a single day. We always knew Gumball Rally participants were something other than the "average" guest!

                      ---------- Post added 05-22-2012 at 11:43 PM ----------

                      Originally posted by TigTug View Post
                      30th! ....... For Our 1st time? ..... ROCK N ROLL! ....
                      Next Year we KNOW what to do...... More Caffeine!

                      LESS POTTY BREAKS .... lol!
                      Congrats! But you know, more caffeine generally equals MORE potty breaks...
                      proud member of Rally team It Doesn't Matterhorn, winners of the 2012 Team Spirit award


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                        Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

                        Thanks Mamabot. I was there as a spotter for the second year, and it was great that we saw so many people playing the game right.


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                          Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

                          Another Gumball Rally Success Story.

                          Thanks for posting the dates for MiceAge's 10th Anniversary celebration. Knowing the dates this far ahead allows me to do some saving, and some planning.


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                            Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

                            If you do not picture by Alan Kawaratani I'm Screen name akfandisney.

                            I be post picture later week. I got to work.
                            I have fun taking picture and finding the teaming

                            Thank you Michelle and Gwen for gumball rally Snacks the chips was good.
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                              Re: Gumball Rally 2012 - RESULTS

                              14th place!!! WOW!!! So close to the top 10! We got 37th place in 2010, then had bad luck last year and did not get top 50, now to 14th place! Our best rally ever! Thanks again to everyone for making this a Birthday I will never forget! We had a blast!
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