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Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition


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  • Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

    I cannot believe that another year has gone by already.

    The Gumball Rally is one of my absolute favorite experiences every year. I love being a part of such an amazing group of people who produce this incredible, unique event year after year (all of whom volunteer their time and expertise). We have a good mix of new and returning teams for this year's Rally. I already have a list of favorite Rally moments to add to my list this year (you know who you are!).

    Here are a few of my favorite memories through the years:

    Gumball Rally 2006
    • The anticipation on the Motorboat Dock as we waited for the first ever winner of the Gumball Rally to show up.
    • Being really nervous in front of everyone at the Awards Party while playing the "Have You Ever" game.
    • Going back to the Disneyland Hotel to find that we had checked in so late that we got a suite!

    Gumball Rally 2008
    • Waiting at the waterfall in DCA for it to be turned on after rope drop. Then realizing after 15 minutes that it wasn't going to be turned on that day.
    • Being able to have a nice, quiet walk over to Tortilla Joe's with Dusty, talking about the future of the Gumball Rally.
    • Having the chance to meet teams at the Awards Party.
    • Meeting Minkertonkey for the first time and giving her the first of many heartfelt hugs.
    • Trying not to make eye contact with Elly since I knew that her team had placed third in the event.
    • Being excited when Kuzcochick knew the answer to the trivia question about Kuzco during the Awards Party game.

    Gumball Rally 2009
    • The first ever Pasta Party! It was so much fun! The look on Charlie's face when he realized that people were stealing the trophy for fun during the party.
    • Since I am normally over briefing the Spotters at a secret location when the teams are receiving their Rally packets, I never get a chance to see all the teams together the morning of the Rally. I had to take a couple extra packets back for the teams this time. I was in complete awe when I saw all the teams assembled in one location.
    • Enjoying a quiet moment at the Hearthstone Lounge in the middle of the day.
    • Looking out over the Awards party as it was being setup.
    • The feeling of quiet exhaustion after the final results had been tallied.

    Gumball Rally 2010
    • Being able to watch IndianaJenn receive the first ever MiceChat Staff Award for the Rally. She does so much for the site, not just during the Rally, but all year long. She is the bestest Rally partner in crime a girl could ask for! :love:
    • The simple fact that I worked hard at ensuring that I met as many teams as possible during the event. I get a chance to talk to a number of the teams before the event, so it is always good to be able to put faces to the names and voices.
    • The lengths that teams went to for their outfits! Is It October Yet's 3D t-shirts. The Gumball jewelry that Wonders in Wonderland made. Tiki Room Rejects incredibly coordinated outfits.
    • The big hug I got from Tinkermonkey when she placed in the Top Three.

    Gumball Rally 2011
    • The planning meetings and phone calls. We have an incredible and dedicated staff who put so much energy into the event every year!
    • Planning being at the event with my mom and kids and the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends.
    • The nervous feeling I keep getting in the pit of my stomach when I see the number of participants and teams in this year's Rally. The numbers boggle my mind every time I see them.
    • The knowledge that this is the biggest and best Rally we have ever produced for our participants! There are still lots of surprises in store for everyone.
    • Sharing my favorite cupcakes with a friend at the Pasta Party.
    • Having people tell me that they were impressed with how well my son did with helping with the Rally.
    • Watching my exhausted daughter cross the finish line.

    Gumball Rally 2012
    • Finesse. It was the smoothest Rally yet! The staff really did a stellar job and it showed throughout the event!
    • Finally convincing Tinkermonkey that the staff side of the event is where she belongs. She was an absolute life saver! There are rules. You know too much now. You could never go back. Just sayin'. :rules:
    • For the first time ever, I was able to cheer the teams as they began the Rally. Everyone's energy level was so high. It was awesome!
    • Having time to meet teams throughout the day.
    • The fezzes. Such a cool honor!
    • Hugs. The hugs are always one of the best parts!

    There are so many more memories that I have that I hold close to my heart. The Gumball Rally is one of the events I look forward to the most every year. It brings me closer to my friends, brings new friends into my life, and gives me something to into which I put a lot of heart and passion. I am looking forward to adding new memories to the list this year!

    If you would like to see some of what has happened during the Gumball Rally through the years, check out the older threads talking about the Rally. The pictures, the videos, the trash talking thread (especially the one for the second year!), the questions, the memories. I love it all!

    Gumball Rally Threads

    Thank you to everyone who continues to make the Gumball Rally possible, teams, staff, and all!
    Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
    I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

    May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.


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    Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

    Here's to making many more awesome memories this year!! :yea:
    "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone that can do him absolutely no good." - Samuel Johnson


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      Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

      My favorite thread of the year!!

      Rally #1 - I wasn't at this one. Living up in Washington has it's disadvantages. Or it did. Now Rally is on my calendar as a "definitely going" weekend every year! Thank you for Jet Blue and cheap flights!

      Rally #2 RALLIVERSARY WEEKEND!! Team Dorkalicious, powered by Goldentinis!
      The most amazing Trash Talking Thread EVER!!
      Pezz on the hotel bathroom floor doing the ironing for our fabulous and very bright team shirts (his part for the teamwork on the shirts!)

      People in lines around us asking what we were doing and the looks we got (they thought we were crazy!)
      9th place!! Not bad at all!!

      Elly and I going full out head to Tuck n Rolls in Bugs Land!!
      One of my favorite Gumball memories -- not because the moment was so amazing, I mean, it was, but because it was the start of something wonderful! -- hearing someone say "Where is Tinkermonkey? I have to meet her!" and finding out it was Mamabot. To me, a random user from the Northwest, this was a big deal - "she's like Micechat user #3!!" We had no idea that such an amazing friendship was born that night!

      Rally #3 Sarcasmic!
      New team name, new energy?
      Memory that makes me laugh the most is the trip to Target the night before. Those that were there remember how silly we all were that night! Pink or blue? And a Gumball Eve tradition was born that night too!
      Knowing how close to killing each other my teammate and I were, yet we kept going (ok, in his defense, he didn't know that quitting was an option -- I still remember the look on his face "we could have QUIT?")
      It's a race! (the number of things that conspired against us that day included a broken flip flop, a lost wallet and... The curse of Mickey's House aka "Spirit Killer!")
      Top 10 again! Woot!!
      Winning team name so randomly when it was really just so perfectly "us"
      All the text messages from people supporting us to keep going since they all had quit by then! (because, yes, you could quit!!)
      "I can neither confirm nor deny any attraction as a part of the Rally..." said Mamabot. It makes me laugh when she says it at random times when I start a conversation with "hey, I have a question...."

      Rally #4
      New name...same teammate...different outcome? Heck yeah!
      Realizing that every strategy needs a back up plan
      Going back to Mickey's house and after having flashbacks from last year, really not wanting to go in - and then realizing we were having so much fun that we nearly stayed and got our picture taken!
      "Never pass up a walk on for a line"
      Looking at the time and realizing that there was over an hour left and we were DONE?
      Hearing our name called (last, thanks Mamabot!) for top 5!
      Third place. Totally awesome and satisfying... a small improvement on the previous year in outcome but a fantastic day spent with my best friend!

      Rally #5 Sarcasmic 2.0 Faith Trust & Gumballs!

      Everyone welcoming her as though she was supposed to be there all along

      Rally #6 I didn't play because I was convinced I was needed behind the magic be on staff!
      Calling teams was SO MUCH FUN! Getting to hear other people's stories on why they were doing the rally was great and I made some new fantastic friends.
      Rally day always seemed early as a competitor but always remember, staff is there earlier!
      Getting to actually talk to my Mamabot freely all thru the rally season.

      Rally #7 Staffing it up again...
      I can't wait to see old friends and meet new friends! (I actually have someone that will be there who I've "known" for years but never met -- she worked with Jeff! -- so that will be a happy moment!)
      OH! I do have a memory already for the list: Got a phone call yesterday from someone I called last year who was an instant great friend - to say that it just didn't seem rally without our phone call

      But I took up the torch and said it myself today. Puppet strings not included!!
      I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

      "Do you remember in kindergarten, how you�d meet a kid,
      then 10 seconds later you�d be playing like you were best friends?"
      * * *



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        Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

        Yay! Let's create more awesome memories for this year!
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          Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

          Originally posted by tinkermonkey View Post
          Oh, and to be fair, I kind of miss Mamabot saying “I can neither confirm or deny…” to me! But I took up the torch and said it myself today. Puppet strings not included!!
          CSC: Do you have any advice for young teams who want to avoid the typical pitfalls of their first Gumball Rally?

          Mamabot as Tinkermonkey: "Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally. I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally."

          Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
          I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

          May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

          NO GOATS!


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            Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

            2012 was our first rally (Team Always Go Left!), and we are still talking about 2 things .. the Curse of Mara (Indy being down and seeming to take almost every E-ticket with it at some point during the day), and the awesomeness of Team It Doesn't Matterhorn. We also really enjoyed meeting the ladies of "Why is the Rum Gone?" and 'Big Bangs Theory" at the Pasta Party.

            And really, the best thing for this mom .. I ran the rally with my then 16-year-old son. How many times do we as parents get to spend an entire day with no phones, internet, etc, and get to do something really enjoyable with our kids. That is what makes the rally priceless for me.

            2013 - Looking forward to many more good memories running as Queen Vader & Son (my son's name is Luke, so that is how we got the team name).
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              Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

              We are relative newbies, yet with so many first-timers this year we are beginning to feel like veterans.

              2011: What are we doing here? What are the rules? Should we start at Peter Pan? When should we go over to DCA? ... gotta beat the crowds at Toy Story Mania. Hungry ... need to stop for food. Losing time while we eat. Gotta run to catch up.

              2012: All right, we've got the plan now. We know what we want to do. Food is packed ... drinks, too. We'll eat in line ... no more wasting time to dine. Will we win? Maybe, or maybe not. But It Doesn't Matterhorn ... we really want to have fun. That's our real goal ... to have a great time and be sure that other teams do, too!

              2013: Something new ... the team has split up. Daughter and fiance (who will get married at DLH on 5/6) formed a new team with friends, Poor Unfortunate Soles. We will carry on to the end ... having fun, trying to win, and enjoying the friendship of our new MiceChat family!
              Proud member of Team It Doesn't Matterhorn, winners of the 2012 Gumball Rally Team Spirit Award.


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                Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

                Originally posted by mamabot View Post
                CSC: Do you have any advice for young teams who want to avoid the typical pitfalls of their first Gumball Rally?

                Mamabot as Tinkermonkey: "Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally. I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally."

                At this point, my only advice (and the one I just can't seem to follow) is to make sure your body doesn't completely fall apart a few days before the Rally.

                Originally posted by tinkermonkey View Post
                My favorite thread of the year!!

                Tink taking the dare to jump in the hot tub…crazy girl. (Some people are still guilty of talking her into it...)
                I cannot confirm nor deny my inclusion in these persuasion exploits.

                As far as memories, they all just kind of blur into one but...

                - Walking down Main Street and hearing tinkermoney from the other side "You're going THAT way?". A quick realization that maybe we didn't know as much as we thought we knew.

                - Not once being able to make it onto Storybook land in 3 years due to making the same poor planning every year.

                - Every year in the Tiki Room. Of all attractions, I think this is my personal favorite on Rally day. Being able to sit down for an extended period of time, the AC and really just deliriously enjoying the show after long days of running around.

                - Post-awards show in 2011 ordering Chinese food up to the room and both falling asleep before it even got there. Then eating about 3 bites a piece and falling back asleep.

                - Bacon? Bacon! BACON! Baconmania truck was so good.

                - The Target runs the night before. "Do you know where the dramamine is located?"
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                  Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

                  So many great memories!! So many wonderful friends gained and new ones to meet!

                  - Late night, last minute.. oh i better start drawing our logo.. (Devo Dole whips, Rex and new Rex.) I love each and every one..

                  - Pasta Parties! CARB loading sessions with the best people ever!! Great combo..

                  - Packing our bag the night before for the rally.. sun tan lotion, 5 hr. energies, trail mix, smart waters, and pb j wiches and the dramamine.. NOTHING ELSE..
                  .... Gumball Rally first year task master..Chris! no bathroom break, no eating... go go go.

                  - Target last minute runs.. where all the great things happen!

                  - Jacuzzi dare.. Awesome!

                  - Best beds at HOjOs.. total Ricky and Lucy moment.. you get yours I get mine..

                  - Running each rally with a great partner.. As I say, if you can stay together through Rally.. you can conquer anything! Great test for marriage material .. Chris you are the BEST! XOXO


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                    Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

                    Oh, I totally forgot to put our memory!

                    Team ATAK!'s first Gumball Rally! We've always knew about it and always wanted to do it, but due to our involvement with our club at school, we were never able to participate... until this year! We were super pumped and super excited, but were also complete noobs! I remember our team starting off pretty strong, but after a few hours we kept running into ride closures and lost our strong start. We kind of knew towards the end that we weren't going to win because of the bad luck we faced, but decided that it was more important to have fun. And that's what we did! So my advice for all the first time Gumball Rally participants (it seems like there's quite a few this year!) is to remember to have fun! Winning is awesome, but having a good time with your friends and fellow MiceChatters is awesomer. Don't forget you're here to have a good time!

                    Team ATAK!'s second Gumball Rally! We were super excited to be racing for our second year. We definitely had less hiccups compared to last year but a few things did happen to us. Space Mountain went down on us when we had FastPasses for it, which also caused us to miss Autopia. Also, I won't say what we did, but we also accidentally made a HUGE mistake on one of the attractions that probably could've disqualified us. We felt so bad that we waited in line for the ride AGAIN to hopefully alleviate the mistake we made. It was honestly an honest mistake and we would never do anything that would disqualify our team. We are firm believers in playing fair and good sportsmanship!

                    Overall, we felt good until the 6:30PM mark came around when we had to make the tough decision to continue the race or finish early to gain the extra points. We decided to gamble and skip the extra points. Unfortunately for us, it didn't pan out and we actually lost points. We were late by 3 minutes! We made a huge mistake choosing our last attraction for the race. If we made a different choice for our last ride and if it wasn't for that cursed light on Harbor (we waited 2 minutes for that light to change!), we would've made it to the finish line on time. As we were sitting at the Award Ceremony, I was thinking about how if everything went perfectly for us, we definitely would've had enough points to be in the Top 10. However, we aren't sad about what happened because we had fun! But we did tie with Kessel Runners for Best Team Logo, which was totally awesome! They definitely deserve that award for their AMAZING logo. Oh, I also finally got to meet Mamabot! That was definitely a highlight for me! She gives the best hugs!
                    Last edited by KiMcHeEfOrLiFe; 05-06-2013, 04:36 PM. Reason: Editing our 2013 memory!
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                      Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

                      I found this picture from the first Gumball Rally. My kids were only 5 and 7 years old that year.
                      Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
                      I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

                      May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

                      NO GOATS!


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                        Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

                        This is our 2nd year and we nabbed 3rd! Ever since we signed up I was looking forward to an entire day with my 14 year-old son without earplugs in his ears or an electronic device in his hands and it was as wonderful as I anticipated!

                        We power-walked all day, up the ramp and down the stairs in Innoventions, from Buzz up to Space Stand-By, and by the time we chugged from Screaming straight to Soaring, my thighs were screaming as loudly as those high school girls in their purple-sleeved shirts!

                        By the end of the long day and into the evening, my eyes were drooping along with the rest of me and after places 5-10 were called, I nudged my son and told him to position himself by the door so that we could beat a hasty retreat to the car once we heard the top 5 announced. For the 10th time that day he chided me for being negative, and as we were getting up, we heard "Team FOXtasmic." I was confused more than anything, wondering if perhaps we had forgotten to pay for something or had lost our badges. Hearing we had placed in the top 5 chased the torpor away and the sight of the huge grin on my son's face and the big hug he wrapped me in may have been one of the best moments I have ever had!

                        Thank you, MICE CHAT and all the wonderful other Disney folk and friends! See you in 2014, if not before!!
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                          Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

                          Congratulations maximmom!

                          We were so tired we didn't get back to the awards ceremony. How many points did you and the other top finishers finish with. Really curious how the best teams conquered the challenges of the day!

                          Can someone post the names of the top 10 finishers announced Saturday night!

                          Congrats to everyone. Such a fun day.
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                            Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

                            This rally was so much fun never been so focused on certain things before on the rides but it was a blast. Although we did not make it to the top 10 next year the Fourgotten Dwarves will make it .


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                              Re: Gumball Rally Memories - 2013 Edition

                              Thanks everyone for an amazing, and exhausting day! Team "Rebel Alliance Without A Cause" got 10th, and we got the sore legs and blisters to prove it.

                              This was my 4th rally and first time getting top 10! We also had a second timer and a first timer on our team this year. Can't wait to see the scores to see how close we made it into the top 10. We were a little shocked as we missed some big rides such as Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. It may have helped that we turned out packets in early before 6pm.

                              Already looking forward to the 2014 rally!
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